Winkler’s war on the Geneva Shore continues.  Not the Geneva Shore Report, but the shore itself!  Just when it was thought that the threat was over and everyone could relax, the “we’re back” whisper returns. Yes, the F.O.W.L. (Friends of Winkler League). There is a new scheme afoot to take the cement that was going to be used in the defunct parking structure and put it along BigFoot Beach.

The planned City Parking Garage was shot down by voters in the November referendum, but the Terminator has brought this same parking project back to life, only with a lake front twist. It’s been transformed: the four floors have been flattened out into four separate parking lots, it’s been moved down to the State Park, and its three hundred parking slots spread out over the Geneva Shore lake front.


That’s right, Dan Winkler isn’t about to let the city voters win the “parking war” just because they voted to veto the parking garage and by proxy to have the TIF #4 funds returned to the schools and tax payers in the city.  Nope, that TIF #4 fund is Dan’s money and he intends to spend it on concrete, asphalt and alleged contracts with his would-be friends. He may have lost the first parking battle, but his strategy is to win the war.

How? First, he had to inveigle the DNR into agreement by promising them a larger “safe” beach area and more boat launch fees, if they would allow him and his friends to build a new serpentine road thru Big Foot Beach State Park and the huge parking complex planned to surround it.


Ridiculous and Impossible! No devious force could pull this off, could it? Well, there’s just one man (not Lex Luther or Darth Vader) who might, and he and his ‘friends group’ are lining up to gird for the battle.

The Terminator is following up his conquest of the DNR by using his surrogates to convince Linn Township that it is in their best interest to give up a beautiful straight drive across Big Foot Beach (a paradise drive like no other anywhere around the lake or even around the state) in favor of a winding road resembling a Grand Prix race course that’s fifty percent longer than the present South Lake Shore Drive, and clearing twenty percent of the parks existing forested land.  In place of this paradise drive with its awe inspiring panoramic views of the lake, the passing public will have the pleasure of looking at parked cars, latrines and a boat launch. Only the Terminator and his F.O.W.L. group could possibly come up with such a deal.

But then Dan and his Fowl friends share the opinion, behind closed doors naturally, that if you have to give the City of Lake Geneva such a cultural enema then you must first stick something in somewhere. Linn turns out to be that choice place. Sticking it into Linn is exactly the plan. Since the park is on the butt end of the City, no one of any importance to Dan and his friends will be bothered by a parking complex stretching across the lakefront. The main problem this Fowl plan by the Terminator and his friends are going to run into is a porcine one.  You can put lipstick on a pig, but it is still a pig.

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