Author: James Strauss

Living Here, November 16, 2016

The salt content of Geneva Lake has been steadily increasing for many years. Today, although the salt content of Geneva Lake is still considered to be at a safe level, the trend says that unless action is taken to limit the amount of salt that is entering the lake

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Surprising Stuff, November 16, 2106

The number of visitors versus parking rates is a simple equation that starts with free parking attracting the greatest number of visitors, and zero visitors when parking rates exceed what a person is willing to pay. Every time the Lake Geneva City Council increases parking rates there is a negative…..

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Our Place, November 16, 2016

The City of Lake Geneva’s property tax at $4,722,510 is 60% of the city’s revenue and it is the first and largest single revenue item on the city’s 2017 budget.
Compared to last year it has gone up $117,510 or 2.5% over in that single year……

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