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Apathy, the silence of indifference, infected Lake Geneva’s Spring Election.
In the city’s second district the winning alderperson received 85 votes, which is only 5% of the district’s 1,636 eligible voters, or 8% of the district’s (1026) registered voters. This says that something is seriously wrong, but it’s not with the candidates, it’s with the apathy of the voting public. When 5% of the population determine who their 2nd district alderman will be, then the real issue is not who won, or the vote count, but the apathy of the 92% who could have voted but did not.

Value is a description of the emotional importance that one attaches to something or someone; whereas, “apathy” is the lack of emotional attachment to things, others or even one’s own life. Apathy is a non-caring attitude that slowly infects everyone, and everything, causing a deterioration into oblivion. When the members of a club, group or organization become apathetic toward it, then it slowly falls apart and ceases to be. When people become apathetic toward something they let it break down into nothingness. Nothing is more destructive to the human spirit than apathy. The right to freely vote and select who will be in authority over us is the foundation of our freedom in this country, and it enables us to choose our collective future versus having it dictated to us.

Being apathetic to voting, like being apathetic to other things, decreases its value and leads toward its eventual end. Apathy is not called a disease, but it should be. Because apathy is a disease of one’s emotional heart that kills with the silence of indifference. Like an invading fungus, “apathy” eats away at everything it infects, and it has already infected our precious right to vote.


Voter apathy

Cartoon from Beartoons.Com


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