Little Gems

The expansion of Highway 50 up and down Catholic Hill.
You are reading this and you are ready to hear that they finally started the construction on the 17th of April, as was promised…right?

Well, April Fool, and the fool is you, and the rest of the waiting public. It would appear that the utility company in charge of moving the power poles couldn’t make it. So they rescheduled. For later in the month. This is the same thing that happened late last year, when the project was going to be started and completed before winter. And now the same utility waltz begins all over again. What power does the city have to force the utility company to get their work done? Apparently, none. If the GSR was running the “City” then five hundred dollars would be immediately allotted, and paid to a company called Stihl. At night, the city administrator and his appropriately attired ninja assistants, would go out there and cut the poles down. Wisconsin is a republican state so everyone, even the mentally ill, are armed. It’s time the city started acting like it can at least ‘carry conceal’ a chain saw…and then use the damn thing. How about a bit of that “make my day” attitude of Dirty Harry, or maybe ‘hell is coming to breakfast’ from Josey Wales!

Highway 50


Building Inspector.
Fred Walling is being piped aboard the City of Lake Geneva ship of state on May 8th of this year. Fred is currently the building inspector for Delavan. Fred WallingWhy is he making the change? That information isn’t public, not as of yet, anyway. Fred Walling has a Facebook page. He’s a Harley guy, so be careful when you start discussing any issues that might be related to that sub-culture. Harley riders do a lot of good for many great causes, but sometimes the counter-culture can be contentious if challenged. There are no reports, so far, about Fred’s service in Delavan, but those will come with time. Fred just turned fifty years old, according to his Facebook page, and here’s what he wrote:
“50 years old and it’s been pretty good so far for 3 1/2 months!!!

  1. Turned 50
  2. Appointed President of the South West Building Inspec tors.
  3. Received Building Inspector of the Year (next week)
  4. Advance Scuba Diver Certification
  5. TODAY, signed with The City of Lake Geneva as the Zoning Administrator & Building Inspector.
  6. !!!????? Not sure what’s next but I’m ready!”

In truth, Fred Walling sounds like one very cool dude!


The House of the Rising Sun.
Oakfire is not rising from the ashes, so it cannot properly be called Phoenix. The old building was totally demolished, the foundations dug up, and the new concrete laid atop ancient sands going all the way back to Lake Geneva’s glacial age. Now, this huge jutting building appears, as if slowly rising out of that wet sand pit. It towers, laminated with a tin cover, reminiscent of the tin man in The Wizard of Oz. But it needs no oil, and it gives every indication of already having a heart. That leaves The House of the Rising Sun, which is intended to be more descriptive about the fact that it faces the south east where the sun will be rising up to meet it every morning, than to have anything to with the lyrics in that famous song. When will the Oakfire be open for business? The GSR reporting staff thinks it’s going to be sometime in late May, but nobody over there at the construction site is talking.

Rising to the Sun at Oakfire

Person of the Week

Joy Schnupp Williams Bay Library

The Williams Bay Library is lucky to have Library Director, Joy Schnupp. Her name truly fits her personality and presentation. Joy is wonderful to be around, and her enthusiasm for her role in the community, as well as the people in all around her is truly contagious. She is always looking for ways to bring the community together and incorporate reading into everyone’s
lives. Joy is that rare kind of person that you walk away from after meeting and wonder where she’s been all your life.

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