The Bright Side

Chicago Dogs is coming in to the spot vacated by Global Hands.
That’s the southwest corner of Geneva and Broad Streets. A most excellent location. The place should do great. A lot of hot dog sales people haveChicgo Dogs been hanging about the outer limits of Lake Geneva lately. One guy wants permission to have one of those hot dog stands you see in downtown Chicago, located in Flat Iron Park. Chicago Dogs used to be Ronnie’s Vienna Red Hots in the old days, back in the 60’s and 70’s. They started in Chicago, and moved to Lake Geneva in early 1966. They relocated to Pell Lake in 1991. Now they are coming back. The GSR will let you know when the place is ready to open.


Aldi’s is opening in the first days of April (the 6th is rumored).
Aldi’s P.R. firm is mad as hell at the Geneva Shore Report for making a video inside their place without proper permission. It seems that the person on the premises who gave permission to two GSR reporters did not have permission, to give permission. The video in question was a nice one about Aldi’s, as were the two previous stories and videos shot outside of the place. But the PR firm was adamant that the new interior video needed to be taken down. When the P.R. woman finally reached the publisher of the paper he asked her if they’d ever seen The Treasure of Sierra Madre, the movie. She was young, so she said no. The publisher quoted one of the film’s most famous lines; “We don’t need no stinking badges.” The P.R. person didn’t get it. So, the publisher asked the woman for permission to take the video down. The woman on the phone happily gave permission, until the publisher asked her for her credentials.

He wanted to know if she had permission to give permission so he wouldn’t make the same mistake as his video team had made. The woman became fairly outraged over the phone. She said that the caller I.D. data on his phone was proof enough that she was from this high class Chicago P.R. firm that Aldi has under contract. The publisher informed her that anyone could have found her phone and made the call. She said she was calling the company attorneys. He said that Dan Draper, Lake Geneva’s City Attorney, would be hired to represent the newspaper since the paper did not plan on winning the case. The paper just needed the story. “News has been slow,” he said, “and the editorial staff needs to make believe they are still employed.” She hung up. He still doesn’t know why. The GSR Groucho Marx disguises are being unpacked, so the staff can go to Aldi’s and not be thrown out, with or without credentialed permission.

Aldi’s Now Open in Lake Geneva

Who is responsible for Cleanup?

Fallen Tree Wells Street Lake Geneva

The unclaimed lot behind Joni’s Diner on Wells Street is full of trash and weak or dead trees. Sunday night one of these big trees fell landing in the parking lot. Who is responsible for this area? This piece of land needs claimed, cleaned, and maintained for all to enjoy.



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