The Bright Side

Commentary by Terry O’Neill, former alderperson and current Lake Geneva activist:

“We can talk about the truth, and we can talk about a lie, but we continue to argue, and now I know why. We have forgotten what we hold in common. It is life, and the earth on which we live, and how it ties all of us together. Sometimes it is important to step back and look at the big picture. The question “When does life begin?” assumes that there is a precise line of demarcation between life and non-life. Although there is a line between life and non-life, it contains an almost unlimited number of possible steps, paths, levels and variations of which each of us is a single dynamic point on that line and humanity is a single facet of that line. For us, life in the body that we have, began when non-life elements were combined to form the unique identity with the potential to form the body we have today. That is our starting point for the body we live in today, but it did not exist then, only the potential from which it could slowly developed into the body we have today and as we age that body will slowly deteriorate until it returns back into its non-life elements. That is a wordy way of saying from dust we came and to dust we will return. Whether you do or do not believe there is a God, and/or whether you do or do not believe that we have a soul that lives on, the impact that we make here on earth, remains here on earth after we are gone. That should be a fact on which we can all agree. Whether it is the sharing of a concept, thought or the result of physical actions, our impact on the future is our legacy. We do not control the future, but each of us has an impact on it and that impact is collectively and individually the legacy that we leave for those who are to follow. That legacy is how we will know and those that follow will coin a phrase to describe our generation. I wonder what phrase they will use to describe us.”

Linn Fire Department Pig Roast

Town of Linn Fire Department

An abandoned old AT&T spool for cable was taken and converted into a beautiful and original table for the serving of condiments at the Town of Linn Fire Department Pig Roast. Nice work. Art!

Another gas station in Lake Geneva?
A new addition makes eleven. The Dunkin’ Donuts that will be central to the new gas station’s identity could be the reason some are excited about its coming.  It’s to be located on Highway 50 between the bowling alley and Interstate Insurance.  There’s a traffic issue to consider, since this station will be put right into the middle of the eastern corridor entrance to Lake Geneva. Will the Lake Geneva leaders approve?  Just how popular is Dunkin’ Donuts?  Lake Geneva is about to find out?

A great USPS person

Lake Geneva Postal worker

The neatest postal person to deliver mail up and down the streets of Lake Geneva. She’s almost never on time and nobody cares, she’s that great. Smile when you see her. You won’t be able to help it

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