Small Gems

The Shore Club in Williams Bay is changing. The restaurant itself, as the Shore Club, closed months ago, as did the three restaurants that preceded it in that difficult location. Café Calamari, a nearby restaurant that has had no trouble being successful for many years is going to rent the space for overflow crowds and banquets. It looks like that corner might actually enjoy some restaurant success. Harpoon Willies is right across the street and, like the Café Calamari, has been a great success over the years. This arrangement may work out well for everyone, including the other merchants that have to celebrate the success of others around them in order to enjoy a good bit of it themselves.


The potholes in front of the library on Highway 50 (Main Street) are going to be fixed.   Maybe. The Lake Geneva Street Department is going to the Public Works Department to get funding to pay for a complete replacement of that quarter mile of road. The state is supposed to pay a share because Highway 50 is a state road. The Public Works Department of Lake Geneva gets money from the state every year for upkeep of its roads (like Highway 50) but that money is usually shifted into the general fund to pay for other things. Shifting money out of the general fund, over the years, has proven to be all but impossible simply because the general fund is all budgeted and spent by the time the road money is needed.

Person of the Week


Tom Billing Lake Geneva

With 37 years of experience Tom Billing is referred to by many as Lake Geneva’s best professional Wisconsin licensed fishing guide. This guy is the real country guide kind of guy. He knows where the fish are. You can see his excitement and love for the sport and for the outdoors itself in his constant ear to ear grin. If you really want to catch some fish then set up a fishing guide appointment. 262-248-3905 or

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