The Bright Side

Unfortunately, the Lake Geneva City Council did not consult with Mother Nature before setting up the leaf pick-up dates to take place from early on Oct. 3rd extending to 6:00 pm on Nov. 27th.
The City of Lake Geneva also didn’t send Mother Nature a reminder memo to wait until October 1st to start dropping her leaves, and then to have all of them dropped before the end of November. Last fall was mild, and leaves were still falling in December.   This August, Mother Nature’s weather is more like fall than summer, and some trees have already started dropping leaves, and a few, like the Black Walnut trees are almost bare.

There was a time when the city picked up leaves and brush once a week all summer long, and as needed, but not today. Back then the 1st district was picked up on Monday, the 2nd district on Tuesday, the 3rd district on Wednesday and the 4th District on Thursday. Summer pickups were eliminated to cut costs, but nobody was shown the per resident cost that was saved because no workers were ever cut or laid off when the summer leaf and brush pick up was discontinued. What cost was actually saved? Mother Nature does not listen to the weatherman, the city council or watch for dates on the calendar. It is up to people to respond and adjust to Mother Nature, not try and put Mother Nature in a time slot.

It makes no more sense to limit all leaf and brush pick up to an October-November time window, than it would make sense to limit all snow plowing and the salting of the roads to the three winter months of December, January and February. Out of the city’s eight-million-dollar budget the resident’s get almost no city benefits other than police and fire protection and garbage pickup. And then there are the bills that they pay directly by themselves, such as sewer bill, water bill and even roads (paid with gasoline taxes and the debt tax levy on property taxes).

Perhaps it’s time that the city council consider restoring weekly brush pick up during the summer for the city residents, because residents get less, and pay taxes to bring in more revenue than any other source or collection of sources.

Another Business Closing

Tempura House Lake Geneva

The Tempura House, an upscale Japanese restaurant, is closing Monday, September 4th, according to a note taped to the front door. Not only do local Lake Geneva residents love this place, but it has been a favorite of many visitors, as well. The couple that owned it is retiring.

New Business Opening

Frank's Lake Geneva

Frank’s is set to open in late summer. Get ready! Yes!

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