The Bright Side

Article by Terry O’Neill, former Lake Geneva Alderperson, and activist:

The essence of a government, a political party or a charity (whether local or national) is reflected in the friends and associates that it keeps, and those that it caters to; whereas, its public image is what people perceive it to be.  When the expressed essence and the portrayed image agree, then there is no issue of contention, but it is quite common for all such entities to present a better or inflated appearance for the public. Those entities trying to build a differential public image can go to extremes wherein the images projected can be misleading, even deliberately deceptive.  This isn’t a new phenomenon.

A governmental entity, political party or a charity can only give out what has come from someone else, but it is often that government, that charity, that party and their leaders that get the credit, praise and a positive image from the collections. It is this way because we are taught that about such things when we are very young.  It is the overweight Santa Claus who delivers the gifts, and not the smaller lithe elves who make the toys, who gets all the praise and credit for what the elves have done.  In that metaphorical story, the allegory may be drawn that most all humans reading this are like the elves. The ‘elves’ file and pay the taxes that support and pay for all the government programs and parties, and make the donations that support all the charities, but the politicians and those who run the charities (just like that mythical Santa Claus) get the credit, not the backbone of the nation that pays for it and makes all of it possible. That body of men and women are mostly ignored except when it is needed for more donations or votes. Despite all the rapid technological advances and cultural changes over the years, basic human nature remains the same.

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Cartoon by Terry O'Neill


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