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The ice.
The ice has started forming on some of the smaller bodies of water surrounding Geneva Lake. By this time last year, there was already one fatal ice tragedy and some close calls, and more to come as the winter went on. The warmer temperatures this year have helped prevent this so far, for the simple fact that there has not been any ice to tempt people. The inlet area of Delavan Lake is one of the first to start freezing over, and usually, one of the first areas to have ice fishing ‘outhouse’ shanties go up. Last weekend the fisherman were out, and hopefully not taking any crazy risks by staying in the thin ice areas faintly visible from the shore. One call did come into the Delevan police department about kids out on the ice, but there was no report of anyone going through.  With the much colder weather the ice is forming on many more lakes, and the temptation to go out on its surface is there for everyone.   It takes a couple of weeks of sub-freezing temperatures to form a thick enough layer for people to safely walk around on the ice, especially on Geneva Lake, so be very careful and watch what other people are doing.  Never go out on the ice alone.

Lake Geneva Winter


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