The Bright Side

There are safety issues with some of Lake Geneva’s crosswalks.
But few residents have a personal understanding of them better than George Walther who has been hit by cars twice, the second time while in his wheelchair. Even after being hit twice he has never lost his sense of humor. As he was recovering from the second accident George explained “Being the second time I’d been hit by a car, it kind of takes the fun out of it.” As he sees it “life is a learning experience, and what we learn from it, reflects on us and becomes us.”

Well, for the sake of George, and the many others who have been injured or even killed in crosswalks, it is hoped that we have learned and follow the city of Fort Atkinson that has found a relatively inexpensive and highly effective solution that makes it significantly safer for a pedestrian crossing a street. On US 12 at the corner of South 4th street, the pedestrian crossing sign reads “Pedestrian in Crosswalk” (please note the word “in”). The sign has LED lights on it that are normally off, but start to flash when activated by a pedestrian entering the crosswalk. It is the most effective and safest pedestrian crosswalk sign yet designed, because it is not just saying there is a pedestrian crosswalk, but actually warns drivers that there is a Pedestrian in the crosswalk, right now. There are several areas in the City of Lake Geneva where this sign would significantly improve pedestrian safety. It is our hope that members of the city council and heads of department will take a serious look at the additional safety that this new method could add to a pedestrian crosswalk, and consider adding it to some of the city’s more hazardous pedestrian crosswalks.

Business of the Week

PS Market Lake Geneva

PS Market at the intersection of Interchange North and Sheridan Springs Road used to be the Mobile Station. John and Cathy Consolino made some changes to offer better fuel prices, quality and also vastly improve food and convenience offerings.

Person of the Week

Bridget Leech

Bridget Leech is the friendly face of the Lake Geneva Business Improvement District of Lake Geneva. Bridget came aboard and has made great improvements. She is doing a wonderful job and being quite wonderful while she does it!


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