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What do you know about the new smart luggage?
Those are the newly designed pieces coming out with integrated power sources for your computer and cell phones. Each bag also has a worldwide GPS or cell tower location capability, and some have auto-weighing handles so you don’t get nailed for overweight luggage at the check-in. Well, the airlines are quickly growing to hate these new bags. You see, if they lose your bag, you will no longer have to find some out the way little office and beg to get your bag back. Now you can simply go up to the counter, if you own one of these smart bags, and show the agent, or whomever, exactly where your bag is in the world. Anywhere in the world. Well, the airlines are not liking that little routine one bit. It seems, before smart bags and even with them, that the airlines only owed you two hundred bucks, or so, if your bag was never found. But here you are, with the ‘found’ smile all over your face. They are stuck trying to explain how your bag got to Calcutta instead of Ohio. And then they cannot tell you that the bag is irretrievably lost out there and “here’s a pittance of what it is worth,” while they then get the bag back eventually and sell the contents to one of these baggage goods resale outlets for more than they paid the real owner. Even if you go to an outlet and see your stuff, by the way, you are screwed because you cannot have it back. You had to sign away ownership when you took the small check.

Why in hell not lose baggage with this system? Smart bags end another rotten profit scheme for the airlines. American Airlines is the first major airline to deny boarding to smart bags in either carryon or checked. They are using the old ‘safety’ crap as the excuse, because the smart bags have batteries in them. American Airlines is demanding that the batteries be removable for flight. And then you have to take the batteries out before flying. Ergo, the bag becomes dumb and it can then safely be flown to Calcutta while you get today’s new airline service “shaft of grand customer service”…and the lying routine all the new monopoly airlines are offering along with their fake smiles. Watch the developments in the GSR before you lay down eight or nine hundred bucks for one of these new bags. The airlines are not going to give up this sneaky form of legalized baggage theft without a fight.

Cartoon of the Week

by Terry O’Neill

Cartoon by Terry O'Neill


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