Santa Claus and his sturdy ‘Trumpian’ wall. Mr. Andy Loughlin, the guy who allegedly makes his fortune sending American businesses to China, one after another, has a place at the southern crook of Wrigley Drive (right on that road that people take at high speeds to pass cars going south on Lake Shore Drive that they think are driving too slowly). His lakeshore home has a wall running east and west, broken in the center to allow for the lakeshore path. The western side of the hand laid wall runs from the path down to the edge of the lake. It’s about four feet high and heavily mortared. At least it was. Just prior to the 4th of July celebration this year two cars; one after another, hit the wall and went right on through. The police are not saying whether drinking was involved…or maybe just a couple of disgruntled American’s who lost their jobs.

Expect Before

Veterans Day Event on Geneva Lake Shore Path

Expect a miracle. Well, not anymore.
“Expect” is gone, and a regular wealthy lake shore homeowner has bought the place, and removed all the encouraging and uplifting writing on the fence along the path. The quotes are gone, the bell is gone, the book is gone, and the heart has gone out of the place, too. But then, death is a part of life, so “Expect a Miracle” that delightful spot of lakeshore land, has retired like Puff the Magic Dragon, when his green scales fell like rain and he retired into that cold dark cave. The new owners are from Chicago and don’t hold much with that ‘expect a miracle’ kind of stuff, they appear to be more in favor of expect an inheritance, or a dividend. If you pass this formerly magical property, don’t avert your eyes. Turn your head slightly, nod, and remember its former magnificence and that of the wonderful woman who owned and ran that place.

Expect After

Repainted Walkway

Do not expect any miracles or to see any quotes along the lake shore anymore. Expect a return on investment. It is 2017!

Person of the Week

Danell Vincenti Dancing Horses

Danell Vincenti is the opener for the Dancing Horses Show and tells a great story that leaves you ready and excited for the Horses and trainers to take the stage and entertain you. Danell has also found a way to thank the veterans who she is so grateful for with a show in honor of them and their families. Next year she is hoping to incorporate a way to honor all the veteran dogs and help raise funds to bring them home. Way to go Danell!


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