The parking increase passed the city council vote in Lake Geneva.
John Halverson voted against the increase. Why is that the often unacceptable managing editor of the Lake Geneva Regional News, while he was still the managing editor, is now about the only voice of reason on Lake Geneva’s City Council. How can God be that cruel? It also brings to mind the possibility that the rather low opinion he had, while serving as that competing editor, of the GSR might have had more merit than the current staff of the GSR mightJohn Halverson Lake geneva want to think about.

While most of the rest of the city council plays in the mechanical batter box swinging strikes at robot-thrown balls, John Halverson is out there in the show hitting one run after another out of the park. That the ‘team’ of Lake Geneva keeps losing games is certainly no fault of this guy. John Halverson ‘DiMaggio’ is quite the player and the man, and it’s high time he be held in the kind of regard he never really experienced when he was running that tattered battered newspaper called the Lake Geneva Regional News. What they, over there, call the GSR can’t be printed here.

The Real Boss at Geneva Shore Report

Gwenn Geneva Shore Report Office Cat

The office cat, Gwen, continues to grow more comfortable in her role of
interfering with anyone’s materials who enters the office. Here she makes an attempt to
be smuggled out by an inattentive reporter.

Horticultural Hall Lake Geneva

Lake Geneva Horticultural Hall

Horticultural Hall, located at 330 Broad Street is Lake Geneva’s historical conference center. Horticultural Hall was built in 1911 as a place for gardeners to meet and share gardening tips. Today Horticultural Hall is used as a venue for many special events such as, weddings, farmers markets, and dances to name a few. The history, charm and character in this beautiful building with it’s courtyard is still wonderful to experience.

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