The Bright Side

The general ordinance that was proposed to allow high density vacation rentals got tabled. That’s like getting dead and being put into a trunk while still breathing, in ‘political speak.’ That general provision was denied because the police could never keep up with all the complaints about the high percentage of people who do short term rentals around the lake in order to have beach houses to throw “Animal House” kinds of parties in. But all the news was not good. Two individual places got conditional use permits to allow vacation rentals. They did not get permission to pass those use permits to go with the property in the event of a sale, however. So, the bad news was tempered.

Where Plum Crazy went crazy. That empty shop on Broad Street finally gets a tenant. The new place is called Denay Coco Bay, and it’s a facial/nail salon…and what makes them different is that they are doing those things naturally, however that is done. They also have a zero gravity chair for pedicures, although the ‘natural’ part of that is unknown at this time.

Progress at Denay Coco Bay


The Lake Geneva Beach Boardwalk is a mess. That’s according to the people who run the beach during the summer. The wood is rotting from the bottom along the entire boardwalk, and that’s partially due to the last dredging of the offshore beach area which broke many of the boards because of the weight of the heavy equipment they used in the dredging.

Summer Gem


Geneva Java Coffee Shop, the most successful of Lake Geneva’s coffee shops. They get their new patisserie.  The coffee shop has taken over the whole first floor of 252 Center Street and is building one of the adjacent spaces into a patisserie since they make such great pastries in the coffee shop, anyway.  Next, they intend to take over the space being vacated by Board and Brush in order to build a coffee grinding and education complex so that people can come in and learn about the fabulous historic beans.  The world of coffee is fraught with lies and deception.  Seldom do coffee drinkers have any verification of what beans they are drinking the distillate of or where those beans came from.  That’s all going to end, as the Geneva Java Coffee Shop continues to build toward accomplishing the mission of its motto: “First Lake Geneva and Then the World!” The Planning Commission approved the plan for whatever reason. It was a strange commission night.


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