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Danell Vincenti, from The Dancing Horses  has a big heart and enjoys giving back. Sunday, June 25, 2017 she is hosting the 3rd Annual Veterans’ Appreciation Day at The Dancing Horses. This is a great event for all and grows in content and popularity each year.

Veterans Tribute

Dancing Horses Veterans Appreciation Day


Mathew McConaughey is here in Lake Geneva, getting ready to take possession of his new home. There is no longer any question about his presence somewhere around Geneva Lake, because he was spotted (driving, of all things, a grey Infiniti) by Geneva Shore Report investigators, and followed up Broad Street all the way to Highway 12. Where he was coming from is still anybody’s guess. The business of reporting such things, like the actual presence of such a major movie star, is difficult for any news gathering organization. People either make stuff up about such things or they flat out lie. The realtors have all lied. The construction people have all lied. The most dependable witnesses who have reported accurately, time after time, have been regular citizens and potential neighbors. Mathew is coming, but his actual home location will probably not be discerned until such time as he either decides to tell someone in the news business or he’s seen from the water, kicking back at poolside with a cigar and a mixed drink.


Board and Brush, that deliciously different sign making operation, moves. Not a night move to somewhere deeper and darker, nope…but to the building next door.  They’ll now be at 262  Center Street in a bigger facility with better aeration (for the coatings they put on the wood and for the “fumes” rising up out of the wine they consume).  The planning commission, also effected by those fumes, approved the move after a month delay caused by the city offices being asleep at the helm.

New Business

The planning commission comes back in a heated rush, also approving the Associated Bank move.  The bank did a wonderful job in getting its approval. Not only did they have a tremendously professional presentation they brought in the neighbors!  That’s right!  Amazing!  Nobody does that.  Nobody.  Welcome to downtown Lake Geneva Associated.  Kwik Trip has proven to be a class act (the GSR opposed them when they came, apologetically) and they should be a great neighbors for Associated, being right next door. Nobody knows if Associated is going to close their small counter shop located inside the Piggly Wiggly store yet.

Cartoon of the Week
by Terry O’Neill

Cartoon by Terry O'Neill


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