The Bright Side

Mean Marijuana.  It’s not like the old days.
It was called reefer and many other names.  People sat around and ‘toked’ away, puffing funny looking little cigarettes that burned your fingers unless you had a special tweezer-like roach clip.  People smoked and got mellow.  They laughed a lot and you couldn’t motivate the tokers to do anything but either giggle or stare at you like you were dumb.  Not anymore.  Along came medical marijuana.  And along came the decline in cigarette smoking which has led directly to the pills.  Brown pills, and many other colors. The marijuana plant takes a long time to grow and then the resin has to be harvested and processed.  To make a lot of the resin, called THC, is easier if the formula used to produce it is artificial.  So, for expense purposes, the THC pills of today are being chemically constructed in huge vats before turning the slurry into pills.  And something changed.  Whatever the difference is chemically, the result is a drug that is nasty.  Not dangerous, other than it is ruining people’s lives across the country.  Take the pills and turn mean.  Turn nasty, cutting and very very verbal.  And the people taking the drug do what people taking drugs do.   They deny taking anything.  If you know someone taking ‘medical marijuana’ then you know what this article is about.  It’s causing divorce, loneliness, isolation across the land and the people taking the stuff have no clue, so they take some more…and then go looking for a few more people to alienate.  Those old hippies and their carefree happiness are dead and gone, replaced by a scourge of tokers who watch the Walking Dead, unaware that they have become what they are watching.

Joint Uniform Lake Law Ordinance.
Cindy Flower, a Lake Geneva alderperson, was supposed to attend a conference in the Town of Linn about this important subject last week.  She didn’t go.  Since she’s not that far out of high school herself, she used a high school excuse.  Nobody else showed up to say anything either.  How did she know to say that?  Nobody knows, and there’s no principal to hold her accountable.  She also said that the public hearing was only held so that all the “fluff” could be cleared away.  High school excuse number two.  When make-believe high school principal Alan Kupsik asked her about the 300 foot no wake zone that was supposed to be considered and discussed Cindy told him that the original rule would be applied.   Principal Kupsik had no come back.  After all, Cindy is a candidate for prom queen, or is that Ms. Chappell?

Lake Geneva Police Department update.
They used to fingerprint for free at the department.  Oh, there’s still no charge for being arrested and printed (well, no charge in money, anyway) but we are talking fingerprints for Homeland Security, identification for business licenses and that kind of stuff.  Used to be free.  Everyone else charges so why not?  Free is gone, like parking in Lake Geneva.  Now there’s a whole list of charges available at the front window.  One of the nicest police departments in the whole world gets real.  Norman Rockwell painted that old world, not this new one.

Days Gone by?

Norman Rockwell Painting

Turn Lane Arrows

Turn Lane Arrows lake Geneva

These are the new arrows that are painted in the center lane of Highway 50 on Catholic Hill.
Do they mean that the new middle lane is for cars turning in either direction or do they mean that only four wheel drive cars should go over those curbs they are pointing at?


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