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Article by Terry O’Neill, former alderperson and retired engineer.

This is how the scientific method works. Someone has a new thought and asks a question. Does complaining about the weather change the weather? Perhaps it does because people are always complaining about the weather and the weather is constantly changing. But let’s look at the facts. Does it fit known facts? In the 80’s almost everyone in Lake Geneva complained about how cold winters were and how hot summers were. Back then, during the winter, there were extended days below zero and a few days as low as -15 to -20 Fahrenheit, and during the summer there were several days above 100, but since all that complaining the winters have gotten warmer and the summers cooler.

When was the last 100-degree day in Lake Geneva WI? We had 5 100 degree days in 88, but in 2016 Lake Geneva had no 100 degree days, and the two hottest days only reached 90 degrees Fahrenheit. The lake did not freeze over last winter. When was the last year that happened? So maybe complaining about the weather has changed it. At least it fits history, and is as accurate as weather forecasts ever seem to be. So is it true? The proof of any theory is its ability to predict the future events. Well, today people in Lake Geneva are beginning to complain about all the overcast and rainy weather that we are having, so that should mean in about 20-to-25 years we will have clear blue skies and hot dry summers (kind of like the dust bowl of the 19 thirties). Well that is also what global warming predicts, and sunspot activity also predicts drier weather with droughts in 20 to 25 years.

So does complaining about the weather slowly change it, just like when the majority complain about political issues and they slowly bring about change on that issue. When the majority believe there will be a shortage of something and start to buy it up, they create the shortage themselves. So is there is a relationship between what we believe and what happens? Yes, there is, but the real reason for the recent moderation of summers and winters has nothing to do with complaints and may have everything to do with the influence of Jupiter and Saturn on the earth’s elliptical orbit relative to the earth’s tilt.

What you are reading should be in text books but it is not. Ancients understood quite well how the movement of two bright spots in the night sky (which we call the planets; Saturn and Jupiter) and (they called gods) related to our weather, but that is not taught today. So what is the purpose of this article? Believing something that is true for the wrong reason doesn’t make it not true, and believing something that fits the data doesn’t make the data correct. The truth is often camouflaged in plain sight, so it is not obvious until it is pointed out, and even then unless one has an open mine, one will only see the camouflage.

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by Terry O’Neill

Cartoon by Terry O'Neill Lake Geneva

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