The Bright Side

The Main Street Construction up and down Catholic Hill: Main Street is coming right along. The head of the construction crew is telling everyone that they will be done, painted, and barrels down in a week. The three lanes, mostly double all the way down the hill, will be operational just as the tourist season hits it’s peak. Once they got started, which was like starting a gas powered reciprocating engine with no spark-plug, they got rolling and things are going quickly and smoothly. Traffic redirection has been marginally inconvenient, but handled professionally and well. Now, the test will come. How’s the construction going to playout. Is the Geneva Shore Report going to have to say some nice things about the former director of public works (Dan Winkler), the man who dreamed up the project and then spearheaded it through? That might be as galling as having to report the good intelligent things John Halverson has been doing as a city councilor for Lake Geneva. Sometimes there’s little justice in the universe.


NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING TOWN OF LINN, WALWORTH COUNTY: Notice is hereby given that on Monday, June 12, 2017 at 6:45 p.m., at the Town Hall, W. 3728 Franklin Walsh Street, a public hearing on an ordinance amending joint uniform lake law ordinance of Geneva Lake; Walworth County, Wisconsin will be held. The proposed ordinance is available for inspection at the Town Clerk’s office: May 4, 2017, Sue Polyock, Clerk/Treasurer.”
This notice was posted by the Town of Linn to alert everyone as to this important meeting to discuss ‘just what’ nobody really knows. The shore path controversy immediately comes to mind, but the shore path is not part of the existing ordinance. One can only assume that the meeting has something to do with recent discussions about observers no longer being needed to watch over waterskiing citizens. A report on what occurs at this meeting will be filed in the edition following this meeting. It is interesting to note that the same June 12 date is when the Lake Geneva City Council meets, only forty-five minutes earlier. It is presumed that that means nobody from that body will be with the Zenda body. Also, the Town of Linn  board will meet at seven p.m. on that same day. Wow. What is going on with all of these overlapping schedules? Could it be that nobody wants to really talk to one another, but is afraid to say so?

Cartoon of the Week

Cartoon by Terry O'Neill


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