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The looming parking hatred in Lake Geneva.
It’s just beginning. It’s been fomenting for some time, but now there’s going to be some action. Action against what? How about against greed, selfishness and just nasty behavior? Lake Geneva City Leaders want to take the free parking away from everyone who’s been able to park across from the Lake Geneva Municipal Building. They’ll give “waivers” to employees. What a load of crap. They want to double the rates in parking slots where people really want to park, supposedly to prevent them wanting to park there.

Lie. They just want more money because the discretionary fund (they should call it ‘party fund’ instead) is getting low. The twelve-minute parking spots out in front of the library are history, because heaven forbid anybody should be able to run in and out of the library to return books and scoot off for free. Nope. Not anymore. After all, what good is reading, or supporting reading, if it doesn’t come with a price? Lake Geneva is becoming the fee collecting capital of southern Wisconsin. Business owners are upset right now with an impact they see coming, but the people will not get upset until the city starts to hit them in the wallet.

The Lake Geneva City Council will meet on June 28 to attempt to grapple with the Rivera Pier complex redevelopment.  The rebuilding, or whatever they are going to do, is expected to cost five and a half million dollars ($5,500,000).  Where’s that money supposed to come from and what’s it supposed to pay for?  How much is Gage Marine expected to chip in since its entire fleet remains operational and using the complex for pennies on the dollar?  It should be an interesting meeting that the Geneva Shore Report will certainly be attending.  What’s next for gathering in revenue for this project?  Parking meters in private driveways?  With “revenue sharing,” of course.


Person of the Week

George Shutte Lake Geneva

George Schutte is a guy with heart and, without thinking, does the right thing. On a regular day at Home Depot, George was picking up parts for a job he was doing for Master Services. He spotted someone in need and, without hesitation, stepped in to help. He stayed with the man until help arrived. Matt Hurley, was the man who’d passed out, and he’s truly grateful. George was formally celebrated and thanked a few times, by his employer and fellow co-workers, and again at Matt’s residence were family and friends gathered to show gratitude. George is a man with a humble heart. That is rare, and deserves recognition. Thank You George!


How about downright crooked revenue sharing?
“The Kordus/Hedlund motion to authorize staff to begin discussions and write a potential contract for revenue sharing parking at the Cove overflow lot on S Lake Shore Drive.  Mr. Kordus said this is something that has been discussed for some time. Mr. Oborn said he is looking for authorization from the committee for Ms. Mullally to work with the Cove to come to an agreement. Mr. Kordus said that the City attorney would need to draw up an agreement in line with other parking agreements that we already have. He said we would need to work with the Cove so that they can still use the lot for free parking for their employees, or free overflow parking for their guests during busy times. Ms. Mullally said this would bring 100 parking spaces to the City, and might be a good place for City employees to park. Mr. Kordus said that as a revenue sharing agreement, it would not be a lot for free resident or free employee parking. Ms. Flower said she thought we had made this overflow lot a requirement as part of the development, and so she wondered how we could now take it over. Mr. Oborn said that we would have to go back to the original formula and address it in the agreement. We already have a revenue sharing agreement with other lots in the City.”

What’s wrong with this whole arrangement  that’s been wrong with the other revenue sharing arrangements for parking made previously? The City of Lake Geneva cannot collect revenue, with penalties of loss of driver’s license or auto registration, in the name of any private person or company. Private people and entities cannot use such draconian civil penalties to collect their debts from other private citizens and companies. That’s the law. Revenue sharing, using the collection of money with those kinds of penalties as threats, is, by law, flat out illegal. Knowing it is illegal, and doing it anyway, is not a civil matter. It’s a criminal matter. Attorney Dan Draper should know better, and he probably does, but that does not mean he gives one tinker’s damn. The Geneva Shore Report is going to run every shared parking area half-owned by private citizen, or private company, and reveal who those entities are and where those specific meters are located. At the very least the parking public should be allowed the opportunity of redress directly against their antagonists, and also have some public thanks or degradation directed toward them. The Cove may well continue on doing business in Lake Geneva, but it might become likely that their customer base will shift to being brought in from visitors only. The people who live and work in Lake Geneva care, and if the Cove does not, then the Cove can sit there alone among many.


Construction Update

Construction of HWY 50 Lake Geneva

The road construction crew hard at work getting the section of Highway 50, ready to re-open.


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