The Bright Side

Winter parking rules go into effect on the 15th of November.
What are those rules? From November 15th, 2017, through March 31, 2018, vehicles cannot park between 2 a.m. and 6 a.m. on any city street or in the municipal parking lots. Vehicles will be ticketed by the police if they are in violation, and if there is a snowfall and the areas must be plowed, vehicles illegally parked will be towed at the owner’s expense. On the bright side, parking meters will be disabled for the entirety of the winter during those same months. The winter rules apply to all city streets, not just those streets with meters or located in the shopping districts.


Christmas is coming!
Lake Geneva is looking for the perfect Christmas tree for the Festival of Lights, to be held on Friday, December 1st. This yearly holiday event recreates the old fashion heartwarming holiday feeling that a small town like Lake Geneva can so warmly present . The tree, when found, will be decorated and displayed in the Brunk Pavilion in Flat Iron Park. The community is asked to help with the hunt, so if have a tree between 11 and 18 feet tall, and would like to share it with everyone this holiday season, you can make a nomination online.  Your tree may be the one selected, making it as special as you this year.  Please submit by November 27th. The Festival of Lights is a wonderful Christmas tradition with story time, hot chocolate and cookies, the official tree lighting, and of course Santa Claus. Go online to this link:

Looking for THAT  Perfect Tree


Small town living.
Walworth is a small village with few services, a handful of churches, a post office, and a couple of shops and restaurants clustered around a downtown square. Johnstown Meats Company, on 114 Madison St., is a meat market that came to town less than a year ago and is running against this trend by already making big changes in expanding and adding a kitchen. They are planning to open a restaurant right next door to its current butcher shop, if all goes well with permits etc, and, after having a talk with the new restaurant manager, offerings on the menu will include choice cuts of meat grilled to order, prime rib on Saturday nights, beer and wine, fresh made Johnstown sausage, bbq style foods, mac and cheese, and even a fish fry. The Geneva Shore Report won’t give away all their secrets and plans, but let’s just say that Jason, the manager likes to think outside the box and the new restaurant will be a great addition to Walworth.


Frog Hollow

Frog Hollow

Frog Hollow was the name of a miniature golf course. The course is gone.
The frog remains, now an official Fontana landmark. It is 14 feet tall and
weighs three tons. It is made of alabaster.



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