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Veterans Day.
There are some wonderful things going on for veterans on this day (Saturday, November 11th).
The Next Door Pub, Geneva Java and Tuscan are providing free meals to veterans on Saturday.
Friday (the 10th) Popeye’s is providing their highly touted fish fry for free to veterans. Starbucks is doing free coffee for vets.
Neither the Grand Geneva, nor any of the other resorts in the area round Geneva Lake is doing much of anything.

Fortunately, Lake Geneva Middle School (on Bloomfield Road across from the High School) is holding a Veterans Day Event. They’re going to honor veterans with an assembly in the gym (which includes an open mike session for the Vets), followed by a luncheon in the cafeteria and on Saturday at 11am, the gun salute will take place at Broad and Main Streets, where the street will be closed for that period of time .

BIG Foot Pines

Pines of Big Foot Fontana


BigFoot Farms.
Ever heard of this area? It’s in Walworth, both the county and the town. They are getting ready, on that big tract of vacant land just to the south and east of Walworth’s downtown to build a development. The Farms advertise that they are just two minutes from downtown Walworth, and only seven from Fontana. Shodeen, the builder who helped make downtown Fontana uglier with his “little boxes” townhomes, is the alleged developer scheduled to build unknown density complexes of every design out there.

Local residents complained a few years back about the money being spent to put utility delivery equipment in. What’s potentially happening outside Walworth is typical of what’s going on in areas all around Geneva Lake. It’s called high density increases, with lowered expectations of resident quality. In general, as the density of construction goes up, the quality of the property generally goes down because of reduced cost. Slowly, the entire Geneva Lake region will degrade, and the very reasons why everyone flocks to the area for its current ambiance and quality will be gone.

They are going to call this new development “The Pines of Bigfoot” because they planted a few fir sprigs here and there. There’s a row of taller pines all along the road. The Christmas wrapping paper approach to housing development appearances. Shodeen did donate land for a park and a walking path around the development’s drainage basin. It all sounds so Wisconsin lovely. Not. Is there any wonder they are building very close to the border with Illinois?


The Beavers are Busy

Beavers Lake Geneva

he beaver infestation at BigFoot Beach. What can be done? This tree came down last week and it is one of the trees that was planted as new growth two years ago.

Turkey Trot

Turkey Trot Lake Geneva

The children of Trevor School run from the school and down to the intersection of South Lake
Shore Drive and back. They do it every year in those outfits and they call it the turkey trot.
Cute as hell.

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