The Bright Side

Article by Terry O’Neill, Former Alderperson in Lake Geneva

The approaching end of what Hillmoor was reminds everyone that life rings with the sound of good bye. Nothing that is a part of this world is forever. Everything has a beginning, a middle and an end. It may be short or it may be long, but everything that is of this world is only for a while and then it is gone. Efforts to preserve the beauty of what happened or was built through history are a noble effort and it helps shape and guide the future, but no matter how great the effort is or how worthwhile the project is to do so, it will only delay the inevitable. So what is the purpose of putting effort into a cause that at some point in the future will be doomed to expiry over time and eventual extinction?

The purpose is twofold; it extends the time before the inevitable, and it makes living better until that inevitable time comes along.  Repairing and maintaining a house improves the living conditions and lengthens the life of the house, but sooner or later it will go into disrepair and cease to be, but until then, it makes the world a better place.

The effort to save Geneva Lake, Hillmoor, the scenic road by Big Foot Park, keeping Wrigley drive open to traffic, the Geneva Theater, Library Park, etc. are efforts that are eventually doomed to failure, but those efforts improve the quality of life for those who are alive today, and it helps to preserve them for those in the future. The future is a couple of years and also many centuries away. Only time will tell how long and how many will benefit from saving these items of history. There is a third benefit, as well; the prevention of disasters from the past reoccurring. It is important to understand that some undertakings can take many years, even generations, with only slow progress to measure, if any at all. Some efforts may never succeed, but they are still worth the effort. Like the effort to make humanity better and more understanding of others.

In the beginning each of us is given a unique bit of life, a living consciousness known by many names but it may best be called being. That awareness of being and knowing we exist, is that special light within us that makes us unique to the universe.  That special light is the same light that is in everyone. Life is both unique for each of us, while also being the common element in all of us.  In that common element we are all equal and the same.  Yes, what we see when we look into a mirror is different, but that which sees it is the same in you as it is in me and everyone else and the actions that we do with that life should be worthy of that life.

Cartoon by Terry O’Neill

Cartoon by Terry O'Neill Lake Geneva


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