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Sink hole on Wrigley Drive.
The very west end of the back alley that splits the block between Main Street and Wrigley, right down in front of the Kite Lady’s Shop, sank out of sight a few days ago. The city street department responded instantly, hauling in loads of stone and gravel to fill the hole, and now is working hard to lay asphalt over it. The building of the nearby Oakfire comes to mind. The depth of that place’s foundations went down forty feet, and ten of that was into the old sand bed from when the Lake was bigger. All that sand bottom is still down there, under those building that front Wrigley Drive. Did the digging out of Oakfire destabilize that sand layer to the extent that a sinkhole (unheard of for the area) could develop not fifty yards away from where the digging took place, and not more than three months later? The GSR will continue to investigate.


Sink Hole


Lake Geneva Police Department steps up to support and help the community any chance they get.
The latest on their list of grand acts is the hats, gloves, scarves, and socks drive. In the lobby of the Police Department they have a bin were you can put any of these items you wish to donate. November first is the deadline and then all items will be distributed by Walworth County Tree House and Walworth County Food Pantry to those in need. Due to the enormous amount of donating our great community tends to do the only request the Police Department has is that the items be new to avoid large amounts of laundry.

Donations Needed

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