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Purchased, Sold and Repurchased?
Did the Lake Geneva City Council go into closed session this Monday September 11, 2017 to buy back the property it sold on Dec. 16, 2011? That plot is up on Sheridan Springs Road (120 Sheridan Springs Drive) and used to be the old gas company location. The land is assessed at $125,000 and the improvements are assessed at $317,200 for a total assessment of $442,200. But it is interesting to note that the property tax for that property was at $10,365 in 2013 but since then it has decreased every year and is now 10% lower at $9,329 in 2016. Did your property taxes decrease 10% from 2013 to 2016? Questions to ask: Why did the city buy the land in the first place, when they did not have to buy it? And then why did they sell it? What did the city pay for the land, and what did they sell the land for? Why does the city want to repurchase it, and what price are they willing to pay to buy back the 1.9 acres of land? The original purchase of the land by the city was discussed in closed sessions, and then the actual purchase of the former gas company property was done without proper authorization. The selling of the land was done in closed session without any prior public notice that the city land was available for sale, and now with no (known) public notice that the land is for sale, it appears as though the owner wants to sell it back to the city and/or that the city wants to buy it back form the owner.

To repeat: Why was the land purchased, sold and now possibly being repurchased, and why was this all done in closed sessions, and why is it being done completely hidden from the public’s view and away from their input and comments? The public (not the city) will be the ones that will be paying for it.

Negotiations rage on in secret.
Once again, the Lake Geneva City Council takes advantage of the seemingly ridiculous secrecy clause inserted into Wisconsin Law that allows them to negotiate salaries without the public (that’s going to pay them) having a clue about it until the decisions are made, agreed upon and set in cement. The comptroller and the treasurer are likely both up for financial rewards of some kind or another. Raises? Bonuses? Nobody but the city council members know, and they have to face a stretch at Guantanamo if they talk. The supposed reason for the secrecy is so the “other side” does not know what secret stuff is being considered when it comes to salaries.

The GSR recommends just a few questions instead of any secrecy: “Are you worth it?” “What will you take?” “Why should we give you more?” and maybe some statements; “Nope, not today.” “Maybe later.” “In a pig’s eye!” Those would work and there’s no secrecy involved

History of Lake Geneva

Hatch property Lake Geneva

The last of the grand Hatch properties in located and split into two pieces by South Lake Shore Drive just as it makes its right turn toward Fontana at Luis’s Pizza. A sign now commemorates this last divided spot of Hatch land.

Person of the Week

Carol Hatch Frandolig Lake Geneva

Carol Hatch Frandolig, the last survivor still living around Geneva Lake. The wonderful woman departs for Nebraska to be closer to her children. At one time her family owned almost all the land around the lake. She will be deeply and sorely missed, along with her husband, John Frandolig.

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