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The Weiss Man.
What’s it like to live in Jim Weiss’s shoes? To attempt to guide the Town of Linn board through the comprehensive straits between Scylla and Charybdis,

Jim Weiss

Jim Weiss, Chairman Town of Linn and Village Administrator Village of Williams Bay

while also keeping close track of everything that goes on in, and around, Williams Bay? Jim Weiss is up to the job, but how wearing and trying is the situation he’s found himself in? Jim is the Chairman of the Town of Linn Board, while he also simultaneously holds the position of City Administrator in Williams Bay.


Gage Marine comes cruising into the Riviera Pier, because it’s hungry.
Bill Gage has been looking around. Rumor has it that he’s been talking to the local business owners within and around the Riviera complex. Not only that, but rumor also has it that the businesses located on the first floor of the complex have been informally notified that they were experiencing their last full year of contractual residence there. Neither Gage Marine or the business owners have come forward to offer confirmation of these rumors. The final rumor has it that Gage Marine wants the space to build a restaurant, not unlike Pier 290 on the other side of the lake. If Gage builds something like the 290, then Lake Geneva may be graced with the most beautiful restaurant around.


Does everyone lie about everything all the time?
The new house near Stone Manor, the one rumored earlier to be the home of actor Matthew McConaughey, is nearing completion. No expense had been spared in this construction. It was at first rumored to be the actor’s new lakeside home, but then denied by almost everyone in the geographic area, especially by the contractors. Matthew has been physically sighted by staff members of the GSR while visiting Lake Geneva. The likelihood of his visiting several times without moving to the lake are slight. But where is he moving? The new home is looking better and better all the time as the likely place.

Beautiful Day in Lake Geneva

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