Miscellaneous Comments From The Editor


1) The funniest question to be called into the Geneva Shore Report headquarters phone was recorded by answering machine last week. A woman called in representing a local club she belongs to. Her question was very to the point and poignant in its deep meaning: “Does spring break start in the fall?”

The editorial staff has decided not to publish the woman’s name or the name of her social group for fear that they would be inundated with applicants.


2) The funniest occurrence at the headquarters took place in August, when the publisher went on a rant and then a deep search for a missing car cover for one of the Geneva Shore Report vehicles seldom used. The car cover had just been purchased and then carefully placed over the new wax job applied to the car. Everywhere was searched until finally it was decided that the cover had been stolen. Stored video records of the inside and outside of the offices were called in. The records were reviewed. It was revealed that the publisher had removed the cover and then driven away, returning the car twenty minutes later and not putting the cover back on. He’d taken the cover off to drive the car and stored it in the vehicle’s trunk. The trunk was never searched.

The publisher is no longer in charge of GSR car covers or the company’s vehicles.

3) While driving in Williams Bay, the operation’s manager of the paper was riding with a reporter for last Wednesday’s delivery. The Baby Jesusoperation’s manager was opening a thrift store so she had some holiday stuff intended for store display in the back seat. The reporter, an aging man, reached in the back and pulled out a plastic statue of Jesus in the manger. The statue was very life like and about the size a real baby would be. The reporter was examining the statue when a woman approached the passenger window and knocked on the glass. The reporter held the statue on his lap with his left hand and pushed the button to lower the window with his right. The woman pointed at the statue and asked: “Yours?” The reporter looked down at the statue in his lap. The operation’s manager behind the wheel started to laugh. The woman at the window smiled, waiting.

The reporter thought for a moment, and then looked up and said: “yes, I guess so.”

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