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Committee of the Whole
(COW) of the City of Lake Geneva
November 2, 2015


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Committe of th Whole, Novemver 2, 2015 City Lake Geneva


Public Input

  • Maureen Meeks discussion of the Hillmoor Property Debacle is brillliant (Minute 7:25)
  • Be sure to listen carefully to Peter Peterson’s discussion about the Water Department and rate change systems. (Minute 8:13)
  • Mary Jo Fesenmaier really sets the Committe straight on Water Increase and Comprehensive Plan Rezone with The Hillmoor Property Development, plus some valid suggesstion on the website be enhanced for more public dialog (Minute 13:30)
  • Dick Malmin graphically descibes the proposed Lake Hillmoor as the TOILET it could easily evolve into. (Minute 17:50)
  • The 10 year plan by Fire Chief Connelly was interesting.
  • Alderman Sarah Hill has some poignant comments at Minute 57:00
  • And much more……….

Follow this link and Read the PDF Mary Jo discusses

Hillmoor Rention Pond pdf

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