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Out of time and out of place the Town of Linn annual meeting comes at us all, again.  The last time a ‘town meeting’ was called, the greatest controversy since the town was chartered made its explosive presence known.  Recently defeated board member Chris Jones, her fellow candidate for the board in the following election Tom Leonard, and their preferred city clerk candidate Chuck Rhon, gathered at the town hall on November 9th of 2020, set to basically end the Town of Linn as everyone knows it and place the area under county control, supervision and operation.  That town meeting success (very temporarily) was based upon the fact that the virus had deadened all the residents when it came to attending group meetings, and the electronic equipment wasn’t in place to allow those at home to know what was going on.

The Town was saved, however, by brilliantly adroit work on the part of Jim Weiss (board chairperson) and other members of the board. Well, those awful people are back.  Chris Jones was summarily booted from office in this recent election by a two to one margin, Tom Leonard was rejected with the same negative ratio, as was Chuck Rhon in his run for city clerk.  The 20th of April is a big day.  These same damaged people, with their same wildly ‘out there’ group of supporters, will be back at this meeting to once again attempt to tear the town down, in order in their mindset, to rebuild the town in their own bleak image.  The townspeople must once again gather, in person and using the electronic system set up for the purpose, to rally against this kind of violent change.  That may sound strange, as so many times in our modern advancing civilization era change is considered most desirable, but change in this case, wherein the entirety of everything everyone’s spent so much time and money building, must be fought against.

Wisconsin’s most successful township (possibly of the entire Midwest), might be tossed into the air, to be batted about like the exploded contents of some bizarre and giant piñata.  Possibly, the most revealing thing about the last election was that, even with the chips down and the rural contingent of the town voting at its most motivated level, These people could only field a little more than two hundred votes.  The opposing residential voters easily assembled over four hundred voters.  The only way that the rural part of the town can pass ordinances or referendums is if the residential voters and residents do not show up to vote.

The 20th is coming up very quickly.  It is vital that the residential voters, many of whom have not yet come to stay in the Town of Linn for the summer, show up at the town meeting.  If they do not, then the town is back to square one when it comes to continuing as it has done in the past.  It’s taken many years to bring the town to a place of such physical, financial and psychological comfort, and it would truly be a shame if that was allowed to be disturbed.  There’s a very bright future for the town, and the majority of landowners can expect to have the value of their holdings multiply in value as civilization once again recovers from the giant ‘hiccup’ the virus has caused, even if they can’t see it

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