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Harry’s Cafe is closed and up for sale.
This has stirred up a lot of gossip and questions regarding the liquor license the place has held for many years. Lake Geneva’s liquor licenses are a hot commodity, and when one becomes available it is sought after. So, the question is, does Harry’s still hold a license? Yes, it does, but it’s up for renewal. City officials are aware of the restaurant being closed, and that it has been for some time, and is currently for sale. The GSR has received messages from residents and business owners looking for answers.

According to policy; a business that holds a liquor license has to be open a certain amount of the time and, if not, it could lose its license. That is the concern regarding Harry’s, as it has been closed for several months, and this information should be considered during the renewal discussion which is coming up soon. If the license is renewed, then it would be a part of the sale of the business, but if the building sells, the liquor license would need to be transferred back to the city. Currently, the city has only one liquor license in its possession, which is considered a reserve license. The city holds on to it like gold. The restaurant, and or building located at 808 West Main Street, is up for sale, so now everyone waits. Will the city put as much effort into the return of the license as it did in the recent past when Northsider’s had similar issues? Northsider’s had to prove itself worthy of holding onto the ‘gold ticket’ at a public hearing, and very luckily did so.

Raise the Titanic!
The Town of Linn has acquired an underwater ROV (remotely operated vehicle).  This thing can go down 330 feet, which is perfect because Geneva Lake has a maximum depth of around 150 feet.  It can look closely at things, run among the weeds and bottom growth without difficulty, and has lights and cameras to not only find sunken boats, cars, and gear (not to mention people) but also it can do close-in work and has the resolution to hunt down the starry stone wart and any new locations it might have spread to without sending down divers.  The area it can cover, with only one attendant on the boat is about a square mile a day, which means the whole lake could be examined in less than a month.  Three cheers for Chief Bushy and the Town of Linn Police Department.  The staff of the Geneva Shore Report cannot wait to analyze the result of the underwater work.  The vehicle is also available to the other departments around the lake, which is also a big benefit.

Person of the Week

Cindy McKenna Elkhorn

Cindy McKenna the super spunky lady who is very well known and liked from her time running the popular Abell’s Corners. Cindy can be found most days working at the Elk.


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