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Can you think of any part of the government or even attachment to the government of the United States that is more respected, considered ethical, and delivers all the time, every time? The United States Post Office is the United States Marine Corps of the civilian governmental team.  Everyone trusts his or her postman or postwoman. Everyone depends on the post office for so many things. Is this one sitting duck, soon to be a lame duck, the president going to be allowed to destroy one of America’s greatest institutions?

When I was in Vietnam, the post office delivered every one of my letters from deep down in the misery of the A Shau Valley to my wife at home in our little bitty apartment in Daley City, California. I wrote those letters and later reread most of them now in plastic bags due to the humidity and elements that were Vietnam at the time, and I fell in love with the post office of this country.  I traveled the world, a hundred and twenty-two countries, and found no other post office system anywhere close to it, much less at such very low prices.  The post office delivered stuff that was basically undeliverable and postal employees did it for free. The post office remains the lifeline for prisoners incarcerated, for those in hospitals who cannot have visitors, for those in nursing and assisted living facilities and so many more. The post office is more important now than it has ever been since the existence of this country.  It is time for America to step up to this President and say no. And, I mean to say no in any way he might understand.

I will go to D.C. myself and I will not go without preparation for a new march for our ability to maintain affordable mail service.  Much of America, most of it quietly behind the scenes or under the rug, has been devastated or downright destroyed by this country’s reaction to the virus. The beginning of the end of the country would be the loss of the U.S. postal service.  Go watch the fictional movie called The Postman with Kevin Costner. It’s fiction all right, but it sure as hell illustrates flagrantly the importance of communication and intimacy among humans and how all that will be back one day…I just don’t want that day to come after I am gone. Do you?  And I don’t care how old or in what condition you are in when you read this. You may not know it but you are now fighting for your life and you better get attitude and you better get the stuff to back that attitude or you and your family will be toast…burned toast.

The post office that sits at the corner of Center Street and Main, in downtown Lake Geneva, is more an outpost of great grand good works, rather than simply a place to send and receive stuff.  Its amazing staff continues smiling service in the face of the employee’s endangerment due to potentially contaminated mail and packages, and also a sort of ‘port in the storm,’ where citizens getting and sending stuff can talk and be talked to about everything without fear of rejection or being spoken to harshly or in some exclusionary way.  The post office employees are too self-effacing and classy to put one of those “Heroes Work Here” banners out in front of the place.  But heroes quietly work there, day and night, good weather and bad, heavy holiday loads endured and also putting out the kind of gentle American therapy that all of us need and love these days.

God bless the USA, the United States Post Office, and the Heroes who run Lake Geneva’s ‘port in the storm’ for all of us. It is currently being said that the USPS is the most popular organization attached or part of the United States government. In Lake Geneva, that is too true.


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