Letters to the Editor

The City should not pass resolutions or ordinances that favor private business by allowing parking in high-traffic areas like the boat launch. The proposed ordinance change would dedicate 20’ of the lakefront roadway for use of businesses in Baker Park to park and unload fuel.

Why would you want to block the boat launch lane, impede traffic, block the lake view, and create safety hazards by creating such a parking area on Wrigley Dr. for private business?

The area along Wrigley Dr. between the boat launch and Campbell St. is Baker Park. It is public property, not private property. Already businesses use this public area to operate. They pay rent to the hotels. The City receives no revenue from these businesses for the use of our park.

It is the responsibility of the landlord to provide parking. It is not right for businesses to expect the city to dedicate public land for their private business.

The author of the proposed ordinance is the city attorney, Dan Draper. His office partner at his private office has represented one of the boat-rental companies who would benefit from this proposed ordinance change.  The very same company and lawyer sued the city a few years ago. They did not want to abide by current regulations.   They lost not only the case but also their appeal to the Wisconsin Supreme Court. Even though they lost, the lawsuit cost the City untold thousands of dollars. Now we taxpayers are paying for our City Attorney to change an ordinance for that same company’s benefit. I would request Dan Draper to recuse himself of any discussion on this issue due to conflict of interest.

In addition to our tax money paying our City Attorney to draft the proposed ordinance change, we paid other employees to draft proposals. Four proposals on this issue were brought to the Finance, License and Judicial Committee by the City Administrator, Director of Public Works, and Police Chief. Was that good use of time for three highly paid employees? None of these city employees live in Lake Geneva. Perhaps they lack knowledge of what takes place on weekends because they are not around?

This issue of blocking the boat launch has been going on for years because police ignore the blatant violation of City Ordinance #20-12. Again this shows selective enforcement of laws by City Police. So now, instead of enforcing the existing ordinance, our city employees used their paid time and our city resources to propose ordinance changes so that they could ignore violations and do less work.

Imagine this- driving Lake Shore Dr. from the south end of our town, you come around the corner by Seminary Park and the view is trucks loaded with gas tanks. Lake Shore Dr. and Wrigley Dr. are our City’s scenic drives. Why would we want truck parking to ruin our view?

Parking a truck filled with gas tanks on a corner as proposed is a safety hazard. I would question if having such an ordinance would create liability issues for the City should there be an explosion or other accident?

Why block the boat launch lane, impede traffic, block the lake view, and create safety hazards by creating a private parking area on Wrigley Dr. for private business?- And what other City ordinance on record is written specifically to benefit a private entity?

Please vote no to the proposed ordinance change to dedicate 20’ of public property on Wrigley Dr. for private business.

Casey Schiche, Lake Geneva, WI

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