Chief Olson, Police Chief of Fontana, continues his tirade against humanity, and it appears he doesn’t care whether ‘humanity’ wears blue (like him, except he really wears Darth Vader black’), or not. Lisa Gavahan’s formal complaint against the chief was “taken care of” yesterday, and she is under a gag order to not talk about it. She had been taken off the work schedule for almost four weeks due to making the complaint.   She also lost her wages for that period of time. This coincides with the citizen complaint regarding the Chief’s angry outburst in public, in front of 50 people at the concert at duck pond almost four weeks ago. That one was directed at a couple of the department’s part-time officers, and it was again done in front of the public. The resident and complainant in the first case was Susan Maher Neumann, as outlined in the July 11th Fontana Town Board Meeting minutes on the react-text site.

This is on the react-text: 1840 website.
There was not, incidentally, a Police and Fire Commission meeting set to hear the Neumann complaint, nor was a formal board meeting ever convened. Somehow the complaint was handled by forcing Neumann to take it back, or eat it, or maybe burn it. It was handled, without fanfare, in private and the fact that the complaint was ever filed will only appear passingly in this issue of the Geneva Shore Report. Why does the Village of Fontana not take these complaints seriously?   And why is the public not notified of the outcome of such a formal complain, especially seeing as the complaint was addressed in the minutes of a formal board meeting?

Is the Police and Fire Commission of Fontana staffed by the same group of good old boys who’ve finished serving their terms of taking Fontana from looking like a quaint old Wisconsin village by the lake to becoming a boat sales ramp surrounded by run down drinking establishments? The same kind of luckless, feckless and Ichabod Crane kind of supposed representatives who staff the Lake Geneva Police and Fire Commission? Many residents and visitors remember Barbara, the wonderfully bright and cheerful blond who worked the front counter for the Fontana Police Department for years. Here’s a direct quote from her, after she resigned her position because she could no longer take Olson’s verbal and physical garbage anymore: “Please give Olson some of your GSR wisdom and a good tongue lashing this week! Thanks and you are always welcome to use my name. He cost me my job and family income due to his bullying, lying, temper and harassment for five years. Call the village and talk to the Village Board Administrator, Dennis Martin or ask for Dave Prudden, president of the police and fire commission. Dave also lives in Fontana.”

The Geneva Shore Report spotted the problems beginning several months ago, with Chief Olson always being right at the heart of those problems. Why is the town board doing nothing? Why is the Fontana Police and Fire Commission doing nothing? Generally, when bullies are allowed to dominate and rule a ‘play ground’ it is because the people invested with the authority to stop them are working right with the bullies and approving of their behavior. Is that the case in Fontana? Did not the town board in that village simply run right over the fact that their judge also serves as a full time auto insurance agent (while hearing traffic ticket cases!)? Is Fontana becoming the toilet bowl of Geneva Lake by accident, or is the electorate in agreement that a toilet bowl is truly what they want the place to continue to become? Only time will tell, but the Geneva Shore Report will stay all over this little berg until quality is once again the hallmark of this community that should be the shining star on the end of the lake.


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