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That white van in the alley. What’s going in those alleys running east and west behind, and between, many of Lake Geneva’s businesses and restaurants? Workers are parking their vehicles in those alleys and then walking away and leaving them while they work. It’s almost impossible to track down where the workers are working to get them to move so the big trucks (that nobody wants parking out on the main streets) can park and deliver much needed goods. As with other parking situations, the police must be brought in. And the police cannot simply be called. A citizen caller must stay on the scene and make sure the officer showing up understands that a formal complaint is being made, and that the officer must do something about every “white van” that is complained about. Unless the alleys are kept clear then Lake Geneva will continue to be a clogged mess of delivery trucks occupying and blocking regular city streets.


The story of the kid at the Skate Park who went on YouTube with his water bottle trick and the light. Yes, there is such a story and it’s a true story. Down at the BigFoot State Park a kid was playing around and flipping his empty water bottle up in the air to get it to land atop a tall park light. Every once and awhile he succeeded and the bottle would flip perfectly through the air, land neatly and then stay balanced atop the light standard. What happened then? Well, the kid made a Facebook video and the video went viral. It went so viral that it was seen by the local police. The police didn’t think the trick was funny, and also considered that other kids might screw up the whole lighting system if they went there and performed the same trick. And that was the end of that. The kid who posted the video was found, and given a $500 fine. The moral of the story has something to do with flipping used water bottles up onto city owned lights on city owned property, but it probably has more to do with putting such acts on Facebook. Carefully consider what you are doing out there, and then what you want to have come back to visit you when the whole world sees your work, or play, or whatever.


 Parking spot squatters. It’s a brand new thing for Lake Geneva although the origin of this obnoxious and questionable practice goes back decades. People who want to reserve parking places during busy weekend days set lawn chairs out to block people from parking in “their” reserved spaces. Some even use baby strollers to the same effect. If passing cars ignore the blocking implements (move them) and park in the space anyway then many times their cars are defaced in some way or other. This illegal practice (blocking or reserving existing parking spaces is against city ordinances) is going on during daylight hours on Wrigley Drive across from the Riviera Pier, and on other streets close to the downtown. If the police are called they will show up but so far have only been warning blockers or parking squatters, as they are called. What do you do if you are attempting to get one of those spaces and do not want to get your car keyed? Stop at the space and call the local police. The police, if you are there and complain, cannot fail to take action unless they want to break the law themselves. Lake Geneva Police Officers are all part of a “class act” operation. They simply need to be called into service.

Parking Lot Squatters Lake Geneva

Parking space savers, better known as “squatters”, are as frustrating as line jumpers. Rudeness, sense of entitlement and downright arrogance are not against the law.


Watch out for the social security telephone scam. The Social Security Administration does not call you on the telephone. It never does. Not ever. And neither does the IRS. Both the Social Security System and the Internal Revenue Service only deal with the public through the mail. They never call, no matter how official the telephone call you receive from scammers may sound. Many scammers today also leave actual working phone numbers on answering machines for people to call back. This seems to lend credibility to the caller actually being from a federal agency. Again, do not be fooled. The Social Security Administration and the IRS never call you. Not ever.

Grandest Place


Pearce's Farm Stand Lake Geneva

There is a reason Pearce’s Farms Stand has been around for 50 years and remains the best local farm stand around Walworth County. Bob and Mary Ann Pearce and their family should be commended for their warm and friendly camaraderie within the community along with the elegant display of splendid corn and fresh vegetables. We can’t imagine how they could get any better in the next fifty years. Pearce’s Farm Stand on the corner of Hwy 67 and County Rd ‘F’

Pearce's Farm Stand Lake Geneva

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