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The good news begins to build, even before 2017 passes into non-existence. The good news favors all who live around Geneva Lake and that goodness, if it becomes full-blown in its success, will permeate all the communities and areas that surround this idyllic lake.

Charlene Klein, current President of the Horticultural Hall in Lake Geneva, is officially running for the position of mayor. She will be running against the

Charlene Klein Lake Geneva

Candidate Charlene Klein, City of Lake Geneva. This clear-eyed intelligent leader stands and becomes noticed. That her level of life experience and noteworthy credentials might be available to help Lake Geneva become all it can be become is a gift to all the resident for the New Year.

current mayor, Alan Kupsik, and Tom Hartz, the owner of Simple Restaurant and one of the raging developmental titans of the state. Charlene is a college graduate and her other sterling credentials are to be found in this issue, where we have placed her entire press release under the heading of Living Here. Lake Geneva has not had this level of high intellect and extreme in-depth life experience sit in the role of mayor in recent history. A succession of men, drawn from all walks of life (labor and industry) have been elected to that position, almost all of them lacking the education and life experience to bring actually applied intellect to their leadership that might take Lake Geneva, as well as the other communities surrounding Geneva Lake along with it, high stepping into the middle of this new millennium. Charlene is quiet, contemplative, very difficult to upset and will no doubt live up to almost any high expectation of what needs to be accomplished in the months and the years ahead. Charlene has also assumed the leadership position in spearheading the Friends of Hillmoor, in order to lead that brand-new organization in its goal of acquiring the currently vacant property and taking it from a sunken eyesore and making it into a shining jewel. This woman has done more to prove her love and loyalty to the City of Lake Geneva than any candidate in recent history. And she has done it all for the good of the community, the lake and the people who live around this lake. She is not a “for-profit” anything or anybody. She does not operate a business, and she is not motivated to use the community, the city or its people to make a living or sell a product.

The second massive piece of good news for the coming year is that Tim Dunn, of the Dunn Lumber family, has taken out his papers to run against about the most brutally corrosive and antagonistically arrogant city council member to come along in ages. Tim Dunn is going to run against Bob “Mr. Potter” Kordus for alderperson. The Dunn family has been dogged in sticking it out as the wonderful lumber yard and hardware store against the monster box store pervasiveness and size of Home Depot. Home Depot blew into Lake Geneva years ago and replaced service with a do-it-yourself approach more common to utilities using call centers, than to stores helping customers. Dunn Lumber has managed to run against the grain and keep a core of steady customers who understand that you can indeed combine the three elements of retail: quality, quantity and good service and still make a profit. Tim Dunn is a like a fruit fallen close to the tree. He’s from that family and he enjoys that kind of Dunn spirit while evidencing such care and enthusiasm for the community it is refreshing to talk with him.

That two such wonderful local residents (Charlene Klein and Tim Dunn) have decided to begin a crusade to bring applied rationality, protective growth and a higher level of active excitement to local leadership, is a wonderful thing to behold. The Geneva Shore Report has attended and reported on Lake Geneva City Council meetings consistently over the last seven years and has never seen two more capable potential leaders.

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