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The Polar Plunge is scheduled to take place again.
With the New Year almost here, so too does the frigid body-challenging and soul-freezing Polar Plunge approach. Williams Bay’s Edgewater Park onBoukman Botanical Rhum Geneva Lake is the location this year, and January 1st of 2018 is the date. It all starts at noon. Get there early because there is always a very large crowd. Most participants that take the plunge into the frigid waters are regulars to this event and find it an invigorating way to start the new year. Most of the onlookers join the fun by watching from the water’s edge, although there are heated cruises available through Lake Geneva Cruise Line that depart from Gage Marine for warm, comfortable viewing. The event takes place whether there is ice in the bay or not. If there is ice, then it will be broken up ahead of time to allow the plungers access to the cold waters. This is a plunge at your own risk event, although there will be first responders there to help if needed. The probability of ice is pretty good this year due to the freezing temperatures forecast for the week, and also the week before. Happy Plunging into 2018! Drinking alcoholic beverages for those old enough and so inclined is highly recommended! The drink most recommended this year is something called Boukman Botanical Rhum, and it sounds about as devastating as it probably is.

Person of the Week

Dennis Lee Haque

Dennis Lee Haque is a local author and a neat guy. His book The Eyes Of The Comet ( a tale of an American Slave from a unique perspective) was just featured last week at the Breadloaf Book Store. Dennis is quite a character and his book is as terrific as he is.

Big Foot Beach 12-26-2017

Big Foot Beach Winter

BigFoot Beach the morning after Christmas at –4 below zero!

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