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A system of legal community theft goes on all the time across the counties and municipalities of America. It goes by the name of annexation. Sometimes it lays there like a resting pit viper, and is called eminent domain. Annexation is particularly nasty because it causes neighbors to hate neighbors. In a country so polarized and divided, as it is politically today, this is extremely problematic. Annexation occurs when one community (big enough to meet the size and monetary rules of township incorporation) steps in and takes property adjoining its boundaries for its own. The taxes previously paid to a nearby unincorporated community now go to the incorporated entity.

Lake Geneva is incorporated, and Town of Linn is not. Lake Geneva took a huge swath of Town of Linn a few years ago. That property was called the Hummel property, and it remains vacant to this day because of the lawsuits and controversy it’s annexation created. Not satisfied with this acquisition, the City of Lake Geneva is moving to annex (take, or steal) the property that the Geneva Inn is located on. The Geneva Inn’s wealthy owners wanted to build commercial structures down to the water, and were prevented from doing so by the Town of Linn citizens and board. So, the Inn people are back, and this time they want a less knowledgeable, and possibly less caring community, to bite this bullet.

What’s really going on here? The city council meeting that followed the finance committee was not televised, even though there was a technician in the television booth. Possibly to make sure it did not get televised? The finance meeting took place in a room where the meeting could not be televised for the public. What’s really going on here? It’s a helluva lot bigger than the teeny weeny Geneva Inn thing. The Geneva Inn is intended to be the doorway through which BigFoot Beach, and its road, are about to be jammed through and destroyed to allow a marina to be built. This is all about the marina that developers want to build at BigFoot to adjoin (and rise up) the “Phoenix from the Ashes” Hummel property. That property is once again at the forefront of a plan to push aside the wishes of the residents and citizens of the lake, in favor of high-priced visitors (and paying owners) who live nowhere near the lake.

King Kordus, Lake Geneva’s cheap version of Donald Trump, decided that one of the speakers at the council session (speaking against the annexation) had no right to speak. King Kordus was elected to be a city council member representing one small section of Lake Geneva. He has no business running council business, or determining who says what on, or around, the council chambers. But there he was, full of bluster and pasted together cookie dough, except when it comes to getting what he wants. The council voted to acquire much more significant legal counsel than Dan “Small Ball” Draper could conjure up with regard to this coming annexation because some people of real substance are going to file suit.

This outlay of money, the decision illegally dumped in front of the council when it was never discussed at the finance committee meeting (it was ‘purported’ to be discussed there), tells you how serious and powerful the major unseen and almost unheard supporters of this development rip-off really are. They are not messing around. Geneva Lake is up for grabs right now, and the predators are swarming like locusts over green farm fields.

There was a song written and performed long ago about this kind of predatory conduct. It was called One Tin Soldier. The villagers in this song offered to share in good faith all they had, but the predators who were coming wanted it all. The predators came, and they took everything with swords drawn and swinging. “Go ahead and hate your neighbor, go ahead and cheat a friend, do it in the name of heaven, justify it in the end. There won’t be any trumpets blowing come the judgment day; on the bloody morning after, one tin soldier rides away.”

Don’t let these tin soldiers slay Geneva Lake, and the people who live around it and love it. The Geneva Shore Report is not going to take this, and the paper hopes way down deep, that you are not going to take it either.

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