Little Gems

Save the date! Delavan’s Train show is March 11 and 12th this year.
Celebrating its 10th Anniversary, the show looks to be bigger and better than ever. This year seventeen downtown businesses will be hosting over thirty award winning hands-on layouts, ranging from large to small. As in the past, families will be able to ride the trolley, enter raffles and daily drawings, and food and beverages from local vendors (available for purchase.) An added treat for the kids will be to ride the train located in the park. This fun family-friendly event offers free admission, starts at 9am on Saturday & Sunday. There is also plenty of free parking available. A map and train ‘ticket’ can be picked up at the Delavan American Legion Hall on 2nd Street. Mark your calendar. For more information, visit ‘Delavan Train Show’ on their website. A special thanks to Brad and Sara Deschner for sharing Kyle’s love for trains.


Sometimes Dick Malmin just lays one straight back to, and through, the pitcher.
He hit a line drive for a big base hit when he stood up last Monday at the city council meeting. He stood there and held up a two-inch diameter piece of PVC piping. The city representatives had informed the finance committee earlier that part of the justification for the annexation of the Geneva Inn into Lake Geneva (effectively ‘stealing the tax generating property from Town of Linn) was that the Inn enjoyed having its sewer services already provided by Lake Geneva. Possibly, these representatives did not know they were lying.

How many people who actually work in the Lake Geneva municipal building go to the field and get their hands dirty? Not many. That was concretely proven by Mr. Malmin. Unfortunately, the city failed to provide television coverage of Mr. Malmin’s line drive into the city council stands. For those present, though, Mr. Malmin held up the two-inch pipe to show everyone what a piece of the lone pipe running from the Inn along South Lake Shore Drive, near BigFoot Beach, to the City of Lake Geneva looks like. A two-inch pipe. Once again, as in discussing Lake Geneva’s lack of enough bathrooms, the people who live around Lake Geneva and use the bathrooms at the Geneva Inn, must have strange bathroom habits, indeed. Mr. Malmin demonstrated just one more of the bogus arguments being used to force this rotten project upon the city residents and citizens. A lone two-inch drainage pipe is not in any way consistent with providing full sewage services for an entire hotel.

Nice work Mr. Malmin.

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