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They folded their tent and went home to lick their wounds once more. The democrats in the Senate would not have witnesses testify, which would have been really damning, apparently, for the Trump set. Instead, they said “enough is enough” and let the whole thing slide into another liberal limbo, which the babies of the party are so good at spending plenty of time in. Now they can go back to the business of whittling down to nothing the stimulus bill while still delaying and calling it that. The Q’Anon Party is re-energized and wins another round. How can they lose when the democratic party is so damned cowardly? Many citizens are Independent now because that kind of behavior is simply so unacceptable to them. The protesters turned into killers and rioters on January 6th can now go down as having shown up mostly by accident and then ‘losing it’ when the Capital Police were too nice to them at the start and then were also kind enough not to mow them down when things turned violent.

The vaccinations are going out to those four classes of people who need it the most: first responders, family, friends, friends of the family, and so on. In other words, the distribution of the vaccination goes right along with American tradition. In Lake Geneva, it can be done online. You go online and the sites tell you that there is no vaccine in your area. You go back to the pharmacy and tell them that. Yesterday, the pharmacy director here in Lake Geneva Walgreen’s actually said, when stumped by this logical play out, that she didn’t know whether they had any vaccination material left or not. She was met by a hateful stare and stunned silence. Oh, of those four classes of people who are actually getting the vaccine…I am not certain about the first responders, but I am certain of the other three classes. That’s called the human condition.

So, what is going to likely happen to those people waiting for the $1400 checks?  The phony impeachment is over. The Trump supporters get to regroup and propose more insanity for the future, while the country waits for the checks to be issued.  When?  The current cycle, being endorsed by congress and the media alike, has that decision to be made by March 14th of 2021.  Amazing!  They cannot get together enough to make a decision about the checks until the 14th of March.  Shame on them does not accurately describe their lack of immediacy.  They don’t need the money.  They are immune from needing the money.  We, the public, made them that way, by giving the big salaries, large expense accounts, and allowances for our representatives to collect money for whatever reasons and then spend it upon themselves for whatever reasons. The only real solution that can possibly work, barring forcing people on the Internet to be the people they are on the Internet, is to cut the pay.  Cut representatives and senators back to $40,000 a year with no expense money at all.  Cut their staffs the same way, to thirty grand a year and no benefits.  It’s the money, stupid, that’s causing these people to be cold and uncaring because the lack of money effect is not reaching them.  They, and their extended families, are doing fine.

We have to end all that.  We have to make them like us, not poor but really worried about becoming poor.  We have to give them our medical reimbursement problems, our retirement funding problems, and our employment problems. Until we do those things you and I will get more of Ted Cruz, more of Marjorie Greene, and more of phonies like Lindsay Graham.  If you are happy with being governed by the celebrated wealthy arrogance of this new aristocracy then you are getting what you deserve.

Vaccinations work, as they’ve proven so many times in the past and on into the very real present.  If you do not believe in vaccinations being effective, then you need to badly and painfully experience the results of not getting vaccinated.  Your grave marker will be noted with that information on it, it is hoped.

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