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Snow Removal in Lake Geneva.
This year has been a classic snow removal nightmare, with leaders going on vacation at critical times, the same leaders returning to screw up removal procedures when they got back. There have been four large snow removal efforts that have been attempted.  The name of Carstensen keeps coming up in memory. Who was that guy and how did he handle the snow removal problems of his day?

Well, they prosecuted him, made him a felon, and drove him from the town, lacking only the tar and feathers.  But, man oh man, did the snow problems of winter get handled silently and effectively when this guy ran the street department.  May we get him back?  Compared to the “corrections officer” running the current street department “prison,” it appears not.  The city administrator, the mayor, and some city counselor representatives feel that Tom Earle is their man, not unlike the adoration of Donald Trump that continues to pervade our culture.  Tom Earle cannot take care of the snow removal problems because he’s not concerned enough to do so.  How long is it before the city leaders’ figure that simply displayed in front of their own eyes’ fact revealed?


The rental fee for Lake Geneva boat slips, buoys, and kayaks has been big on city meetings and agendas lately.
The current boat slips and buoys owned by the city and rented have been on the verge of increases. The issue has been regarding the pier maintenance and rental fees not being enough to cover expenses, oh, and the lack of profit for the city. Shore Stations really? The idea has been brought up in past years and it was shot down. Shore stations are those big metal clunky contraptions for your boat to park on that prevent your boat from banging into the pier while coming and going and prevent the wind and waves from knocking your boat around. This is said to reduce the cost of maintenance and repairs on the piers and saving the city some money. The boat owners are not saving anything though. The cost of the stations is not cheap and varies. There are options similar to a Chevy version of a shore station or you can get the Cadillac. The city is not planning on doing anything right now, it’s just a discussion and if this goes anywhere it would not be until 2022.

Person of the Week

Hailey Monroe, Coffe Mill, Fontana, WI

Hailey Monroe is the wonderful barista at the Coffee Mill in Fontana. Her personality is as vibrant as her hair.




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