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What happened to the City of Lake Geneva, and how can things be brought back into some kind of order? There is no building department or building inspector. Utah Blaine Oborn is running the city in single harness, while his clerk Sabrina Waso is working day and night to winnow around his desk trying to put out one small fire after another. At what point does the whole thing burn down?

Sensing weakness, or a staked goat waiting to be consumed, Hummel has come easing back in like a big hunting cat in the night, while the Geneva Inn (a quality hotel and restaurant operation,) has been working away in that same stygian darkness to pull off a “down to the lake in boats” kind of Dells development scam. While all of this is going on, the Pollard people get final approval to build their form of Sun City West (Southern California’s biggest old folk’s development ever) over off of Highway 120.

Where is the City of Lake Geneva going, and how can we get it back without some sort of centralized leadership and control? Where are you “straight arrow” Alan Kupsic? Are the old forces of darkness Jim Connors and Dennis Jordan getting ready to be brought out of their proverbial coffins because the light has finally disappeared, or will the city get its act together in time? The rich man’s conservancy is sniffing around the White River, trying to come up with a way to acquire a good chunk of the Hillmoor property that runs along the White River, while the combined committees and commission around the lake can’t get it together to come up with enforceable guidelines that prohibit people from going out onto thin ice, when it is flagrantly too warm!

The Lake Geneva Police Department is adding drones to their force to fly over the city and lake, while it is also bringing back a different kind of ‘drone,’ (the controversial preachers from the Immanuel Lutheran Church) to supposedly act as chaplains and give aid, advice, mixed levels of emotional warmth and whatever else, to cops suffering from post traumatic stress because of Lake Geneva’s bitter participation in the war on crime. In theory the couple will offer their questionable services to those men and women in the department who need it, for whatever reason. The city will be “credentialing” the couple because they are not currently credentialed by any counseling or educational institutions. Their “credentials” will be badges, apparently. Since Mr. Gunderson is already an assistant fire chief for the city, he will have the option of choosing which badge to show if he gets pulled over for a traffic violation. Seriously?

Again, where is the City of Lake Geneva going, and why is it going there? It is as if the warm weather blew in, and Donald Trump’s cabinet selection committee took some time off and came to Lake Geneva to “help” straighten everything out. There are people drowning because they are foolishly going out onto the ice when the temperatures are much too high, and nothing is being done to prevent that. Every department in the city is short-handed, and a job fair is thrown where only twelve people show up. The steady drum beat of strange municipal decision-making and planning goes on, while silent forces gather behind the curtain all yelling the same refrain: “don’t pay any attention to the man behind the curtain.” There is an alternate comment circulating more quietly: “listen to us and do not, no matter what, believe your lying eyes.”

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