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What if the City of Lake Geneva held a Job Fair and nobody showed up? Well, that’s kinda’ what happened last Saturday. Admittedly, it was the City’s first job fair ever. But only twelve people showed up. A few applicants filled out some paperwork and then moved on. There will be another bigger job fair at the Grand Geneva in April. What is supposed to happen regarding Lake Geneva’s need for employees in the mean time? The police department is short of officers. The street department is hurting. Planning, building and zoning are understaffed. Is the city paying that badly? Has the reduction in benefits been felt down the to the very core of hiring? Not long ago everyone in mass media was talking about how bad the employment picture was for the nation. What’s going on in the City of Lake Geneva? Nobody here got the word.

What happened in the back alley behind Chase bank last weekend? A car was passing through the alley at midday and somehow hit a guide wire holding an electrical pole up. The car traveled up the cable, and then twisted and fell over when it got too high up to stay level. A woman was trapped in the wreckage and had to be extracted mechanically, using special equipment brought to the scene by the Lake Geneva Fire Department. The woman was pulled to safety, and then promptly arrested for drunk driving. It was her first offense, but what a first offense. She was treated, and then released by the hospital into the loving arms of the law for further “treatment.”

CAccident Chase Bank Lake Geneva

Unfortunate accident in the alleyway behind Chase Bank. The driver was rescued with no injuries. For those of you looking to take a short cut, please watch out for low hanging wires……they are not safe driving surfaces.


Hemingway’s is gone. They pulled the old building down, and dug a big hole. The new “horses whatever” is going in as soon as the construction people can take over from the destruction people. How do these activities get done? Well, the builders do all that work and then they go apply for a permit. The demolition work was done last week. That called for a permit, but so what? They went in this week and got the permit, and then had it properly backdated. A sort of “alternate” permit. Now, they are fine. Not so long ago the world used to be one way, but now it is different. Oh, by the way, don’t try that ‘alternate’ stuff unless you are really well heeled. Regular people still have to deal with a world where regular facts apply, especially if it involves money or jail time.

Hemingway’s on the Way Out

Busy City of Lake Geneva Fire Department

Overheated CarBurns in Lake Geneva

This past Monday, a car overheated and burst into flames. Another car incident with no injuries . A special thank you to our great Lake Geneva Fire Department for acting so quickly to put out the fire.

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