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Tina Trahan is a controversial woman. Tina is the manager of her own fortune, the foundations of which she prefers to keep confidential. Tina Trahan is from Elmhurst, Illinois and graduated from college at Illinois State. She has two estates in Elmhurst and two more out in California, one in Santa Monica and one in Pacific Palisades. As a child, Tina was occasionally brought by her family to spend some of her time around the Geneva Lake area. She fell in love with the lake and the people who live around it. When she heard that the grand Stone Manor was being sold, condominium by condominium a year ago, she decided to invest and purchase the first-floor unit. When other units came up for sale it occurred to her that she might be able to bring the Manor back to its former glory. Stone Manor started out as a single-family dwelling, the largest the lake has ever seen, and then was sold to become a school, restaurant and eventually sectioned off into seven condominiums by a man named Tom Ricci, recently departed. Tom was never criticized for destroying the original internal design of the structure, although Jim Davis of the Lake Geneva Historical Society recently criticized Tina for doing exactly that, as she has purchased one condominium after another until finally owning six of the seven. The last condo is owned by a man named Craig and he is apparently holding out for unknown reasons. Tina’s actual intent is to restore the Stone Manor, inside and out to all of its former glory, while taking full advantage of modern interior and exterior technical advances made since the place was first built. The first floor, where most of the criticism Mr. Davis launched at her comes from, has been painted white, covering the garish gold and silver leaf put in by the former condo owner. The result is beautiful and extremely tasteful.

When Craig finally agrees to move on, then the entire building will be completely interconnected with open stairways and elevators, all designed to bring the place back together instead of tearing it apart. For this effort alone Tina Trahan should be given honors and awards. There had been the possibility that the Manor would continue to be rundown, and turn into an eventual blighted building and area unless something was done. The old structure needs to be reconsidered since it has a full swimming pool and a vertically (and hydraulically) rising bedroom on its roof. That kind of weight alone, over time, demands expensive modifications, if not removal. Tina’s paid to have all the air-conditioning replaced (36 units) and all the warped and leaking windows in three of the former condominiums. All of the old fixtures are being retained.

What else is Tina doing in the community? She’s throwing her considerable fortune, willpower, and personality into helping Hillmoor to be acquired by local citizens for the benefit of all instead of a few developers. Her initial effort comes through a ten-thousand-dollar contribution, a contribution far and away the largest single amount raised by the Friends of Hillmoor. The Geneva Shore Report staff have been privileged to become true friends with this extraordinary woman, and the communities around the lake should be happy and honored to have her living nearby whenever she feels like she can get away from the duties and responsibilities her current situations demand of her.

Friends of Hillmor

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