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Mea Culpa, Mea Culpa, Mea Maxima Culpa.
We got it wrong when we described what resident was running in what district two weeks ago.
Valenti and Proska are running against Liz Chappell in District One (downtown)
Mary Jo Fesenmeier is running against Doug Skates in District Two (South Lake Shore Drive area,
Tim Dunn is running against Bob Kordus in District Three (eastern Lake Geneva)
Flower is running unopposed in District Four (northern Lake Geneva).

We are also sorry for describing Mr.Valenti the way we did (cut-man in a boxing gym). He is not a cut man and has never boxed. He just looks and acts like that, according to staff members of the GSR ejected from his coffee shop. Also, Tom Hartz is not Roman and never knew Caesar.

The date on the last GSR repeated the 3rd instead of having the proper date (the 10th) on its cover, and heads have rolled over that one. We finally apologize for the Lake Geneva Regional News writing that Tina Trahan is married (she’s not!) on its front page. They allegedly lifted that information from a story in a magazine published earlier. That magazine repeated the erroneous data from an earlier news issue published by the GSR. So sorry. We mean really. Really, and honest to God.


Is one of these disguised and stealthy new militia groups coming to roost in Town of Linn?
It is alleged that a club is going to apply for a conditional use permit to build a “hunt club” in Town of Linn out on Highway B, not far from Zenda itself (and a mile and a half from a school). This new outfit has bought farm property along with a converted farmhouse and barn. They want to have skeet and trap ranges, and pistol and rifle firing. The rifle range will be three hundred yards long. Is the Town of Linn ready for what might also come along with this new hunt club? Across the nation, the phrase ‘hunt club’ has become synonymous with militia organizations. Is this outfit one of those White Supremacy operations where they train, not to hunt animals but to shoot other human beings?


Flavor Flav comes to visit Lake Geneva on a regular basis.
The rap entertainer and comedy king comes to Lake Geneva regularly now to visit Mama Cimino’s Pizza place in Lake Geneva. Flavor came in to discuss some business deals regarding his chicken fast food operation in Milwaukee. He has plans for his immediate entertainment future but wants those to remain confidential. He was kind enough to appear in one of the Geneva Shore Report videos later in the day on Sunday. He’s quite a charismatic man in real life. Mama Cimino’s put up a banner Sunday afternoon to announce that Flavor was in town.

Flavor Fav


The Showboat Theater building and complex have been sold.
A Midwestern entertainment company has purchased the place and intends to spend two million dollars in fixing it up and bringing it into line with other contemporary theatres. This move goes straight toward the heart of the Geneva Theater, so expensively purchased and redeveloped only two years ago. What will happen when a megaplex opens up nearby, offering similar amenities and seating, not to mention, wine and aperitifs? The purchasing company has twenty-some odd other theaters in the Midwest, although the theater in Lake Geneva is their first one in Wisconsin.

Place of the Week

Fontan Jewelry

Fontana Jeweler is an outstanding shop for customer service, selection of inventory and knowledge, which is why year after year they’re awarded the best jeweler in Walworth County. Stop by and browse three floors of beautiful stuff. 553 Valley View Drive in Fontana.

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