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The City of Lake Geneva is about to have three theaters. Only one will be partially designated as a movie theater, although that place, the one on Broad Street, will have stage shows and other entertainment available on a fully functional stage with all the lighting, sound and stage trimmings. The other two theaters are magic theaters. The Tristan Theater is fully built in and holds about forty people, while the new deaf magic theater will be hard put to have that many seats. The only successful downtown theater is the Tristan Crist theater, and it is a success, indeed.

The place has been fully booked since it opened last summer and its continued success would seem to be assured, unless the new competitor manages to carve off a substantial share of that business. The new big redevelopment of the Broad Street movie theater house also might infringe upon both magic-based operations. The quality of the renovation going on inside the big theater complex (compared to the much smaller magic locations) is something to behold. Quality is the only word that describes just how much detail is involved in bringing that place back to life, while preserving some of the vintage features. The city is tied up to its neck in two of the theaters.

“Cordwood” Kordus, Lake Geneva city alderperson, is somehow connected with the deaf operation to the point where he felt he had to recuse himself from voting in favor of it. The big theater on Broad is receiving well over a million dollars of city funding to bring it back to specification and support its renovation. There are no requirements for the city to get its money back, as the grant was not issued as a bailout. It was issued under an age old practice that provides rationality for funding operations that fix up blighted areas of town so every business, and all the public, benefit from living in a better, healthier and more beautiful city. Tristan, the magician himself, is the man behind the curtain when it comes to running his successful small theater. Cordwood Kordus is allegedly the man behind the deaf magic theater, but who is behind the big complex that makes the other two look like a small town corner drug store compared to a Walgreens?

The Phantom of the Opera has not made an appearance, although the GSR has been looking for him, or her. Who is the influential figure with the power behind the scenes to pull off the Count of Monte Cristo coup needed to slip the current owner (who’s a rather terrific and brilliant man himself) in there, and then shower the place with coffers of cash, not dredged up from some Isle of Monte Cristo cistern or cave, but from right there at the downtown municipal building? The GSR has assigned investigators to go in search of this figure, not knowing whether they will be found looking like any other citizen, or perhaps donning a half-mask to shield viewers from scars suffered during some wild foreign pirating adventure. The GSR is out there trying, as the song lyrics go; “to make love out of nothing at all.” The deaf theater and the big ‘not so deaf’ theater on Broad Street, would appear to have splendid support with deep pockets. It is only Tristan, magician extraordinaire, who apparently has no phantom of the opera.

Lake Geneva Theater on Broad Street

Remodeling the Lake Geneva Thater

The Inside of the movie and theatrical facility being rebuilt on Broad Street. This shot was taken on Tuesday of this week. You be the judge of when you think this seemingly wonderful new return of Lake Geneva’s theater will make itself felt

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