Uber Alles:

The tales of the Geneva Shore Report Uber driver.

I spend a lot of time waiting: waiting for Uber to get me a rider; and then waiting for the data I need to make the pick up; waiting for the riders to show up (once I am on the scene); waiting for riders to go to places after instructing me to stay until they’re done doing what they do. I can’t really use the radio much for entertainment for fear of not hearing my cell, and I can’t very well use my cell to pass the time for fear that my use will interfere with something coming in.

Trespassing is my biggest fear, however. People want me to pull into driveways or private alcoves if the weather is bad, or simply because they don’t want to walk in the dark, or whatever. Those riders are unaware that if I pull into the wrong driveway or alcove I may be at the wrong place and on private property they don’t own. Property owners tend to call the police if a strange car turns onto their property and just sits there. The police don’t like to come out, and then not issue a citation. My last trespassing violation for being on private property was totally unwarranted, but quite legally binding.

My argument that I was an Uber driver picking up a ride nearby was met with sympathy from the judge. He actually told me that my explanation was a welcome type of revealing confession to having broken the law. That kindly judge only fined me a hundred dollars. Now, my riders have to walk out to the street, no matter how bad the weather is.

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