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Williams Bay Police Department and all the communities around the lake who are supporters and neighbors are feeling a grave impact as they grieve together at the loss of one of most wonderful dogs to ever be taken into police service. Lieutenant Timm came to the Williams Bay Police Department from Alaska and brought this very special dog (Rex) with him. They both became popular and beloved members of the Williams Bay Police Department family. Rex was in the process of refreshing his k-9 officer skills and learning more about his environment and duties as a K-9 officer. Lieutenant Timm, and his wife and two children, are personally grieving the loss of a very loved family member and friend. Everyone who came into contact with this special animal (except for a few bad guys) grieves with the family.

Things started to go bad on Friday night, January 11th, when Timm noticed that Rex was not acting himself. He grew concerned. He rushed him to the


Lt. Justin Timm and his dog, Rex

veterinarian who quickly diagnosed Rex as having a rupture near his spleen and emergency surgery was needed immediately. Rex, very sadly, did not make it to the surgery, as the condition went too critical too fast. The loss of Rex is being felt deeply by the department, community, and his loving family. Rex was a five-year-old German Shepard who spent most of his young life with Lieutenant Timm, always at his side and serving the community. Lieutenant Timm is, as expected, saddened, but also wanted everyone to know that he remains grateful for the time he had with Rex. Timm could not say enough about the support his wife has shown him even in her own grief, as well as the support from the department, village, and community.

The Timm family and the Williams Bay Department had a private memorial for Rex, and then another visitation was open to the community with a very

touching slide show of Rex’s life. Needless to say, the Williams Bay Village Hall was packed, and there wasn’t a dry eye in the house. Rex will be very much missed.  The human relationships, like the one experienced by all the humans who came to know Rex, formed with other species are many times special, and sometimes indefinably so. The animals, like Rex, proved himself to be, who are able to form a working bond and then truly enjoy holding that bond and even doing human work, are very special. It is hoped that Williams Bay, and Lieutenant Timm and his family, will be able to acquire another special animal to support the community and all the people who care around Geneva Lake, although it is a given that no other animal can truly replace Rex. Rex was a “wonder dog” of a very small special order, and gifts from God, like Rex certainly was, can only be appreciated with a sense of thanks and regret that he wasn’t able to spend more time with Lieutenant Timm, his family and the other members of the outstanding Williams Bay Police Department.

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