Facts by themselves, like events, have no meaning, people add meaning to them.

A couple in love watching a sunset, and a person who has just lost a loved one watching the same sunset, both experience and feel love but in a totally different way. One of happiness and joy, and one of sadness and longing, but as different as they are, they can both understand the feelings and emotions of the other, because they both understand love. Love is seeing oneself as the other person and feeling their emotions as one’s own –“Love thy neighbor as thyself”.

Unfortunately, love is often the first casualty in politics, ambition, and competition where winning often overrides empathy and compassion. The second casualty is often those with good motives and intensions whose images are smeared and usurped by others. This creates a wall and there is a difference between those on the two sides of the wall, but not as great as the wall itself, which then becomes the barrier. Both sides need to reach across the wall to begin to tear it down, or the wall dividing the two side will continue to grow and lead to the hatred of those on the other side.

Terry O’Neill, former Lake Geneva Alderperson and city activist

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