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The fire across the water on Saturday night.

Over in Williams Bay. The small apartment building on Olive Street (Olive Street Apartments) right near Daddy Maxwell’s Restaurant. The place partially burned with almost all the damage coming up through the walls and floors from the basement. The first rumors coming out of Williams Bay on Sunday, had the fire consuming Daddy Maxwell’s. Part of the good news (that Daddy’s is still with us) was all about how the owner and staff of Daddy’s handled the emergency.

Janette Maxwell, the owner, heard about the fire and reopened her nearby restaurant. She fed the evacuated residents and the fire personnel responding to the fire free of charge. Wow! What a woman! What a place! Daddy Maxwell’s is the bomb! What followed was even more impressive. Janette put up the displaced residents who could not return to their apartments at a nearby motel, gave them gift certificates to eat at Daddy’s for the entire month of January, gave them each a small amount of cash and then started a collection near the counter of the restaurant. Janette put up the residents of the six-unit complex at the Mill Creek Hotel in Lake Geneva (this woman does not do small or cheap). Mill Creek gave Janette a very favorable rate because of what she was doing to help. Lake Geneva and Williams Bay came together to do something generous and nice to start the new year and that was a wonderful start for so many involved.

Who is this woman, anyway?

Her father came to Williams Bay in 1987 and opened a breakfast nook restaurant in the shape of an igloo. The place got larger and more popular when people discovered that the food was outstanding, the service great and the prices low. The rest has been history but the greater history is happening right now and likely in the future. The conduct of Janette Maxwell, in taking up the mantle of leadership from her departed father, is and will likely be remarkable. The restaurant is larger and better in every way with the addition of her expressively brilliant management substance and style.

What has been demonstrated by her response to the fire crisis in Williams Bay over the course of the last few days is revealing a woman and a business built upon compassion, care, respect and the best of American business principles?

Daddy Maxwell’s, with Janette Maxwell as the very able CEO embodies what is finest about small business in America and in Southern Wisconsin in particular

Donation Jar at Daddy Maxwell for Fire Victims

Donation Jar at Daddy Maxwell’s

If you feel in need of a great breakfast or lunch then Daddy Maxwell’s is worth the drive and meeting Janette is a personal must. This woman talks and laughs all the time and the most amazing part of that description is the simple fact that she’s funny and interesting in her expressiveness…all the time. The communities around Lake Geneva deserve to thank her for her leadership and her beneficent conduct so well demonstrated when others around her were and remain in great need. The entire staff of the Geneva Shore Report is going to Daddy Maxwell’s on Friday for breakfast and to dump as much money as they will be carrying into that contribution jar on Daddy Maxwell’s counter.

Hope you will be there to start this New Year in such a contagiously wonderful way.


Grandest Person



Janette Maxwell owner Daddy Maxwell'

Bright, tough, and absolutely wonderful owner and operator of
Daddy Maxwell’s Restaurant located at 150 Elkhorn in Williams Bay.
This woman is what small business and the spirit of America are all about.
She brings in a Happy New Year to all of us around the lake in her
conduct and very being. Thank you Janette Maxwell

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