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There was this television show of immense popularity years ago.  The Lone Ranger was its name.  The fact that the Lone Ranger wore a slight face mask was brand new on the western scene and took all audiences, by storm.  No, it didn’t hide his real identity, as that was too ridiculous to even consider, but everyone made believe it did.  The Lone Ranger supported himself using unknown assets and money, it was presumed, although it was never mentioned.  He also supposedly supported Tonto, his Indian companion, who may have supported himself, but that was also never discussed.  The creators of the television series never ever considered that the general public might clone the Lone Ranger and wear masks too.  What kind of anonymity is there in wearing a mask if everyone is wearing one?

The public has also figured out that the wearing of a mask isn’t as anonymous seeming as has been portrayed.  Today’s favored masks, worn to protect people from the virus, don’t seem to provide the secrecy that was assumed by the Lone Ranger in all of his travel and adventures.  What happened at the city council meeting on Monday night could certainly go down under the “adventure” part of life in Lake Geneva.  There was a peaceful protest outside the city hall building, where about forty people gathered, carrying signs, and quietly chanting about having their freedom to choose (anti-maskers).

Once inside, however, things got a bit more raucous, as those potential protestors converted over into full-blown protestors, becoming quite vocal.  For part of the early council session, it appeared that things were almost out of control, and although there was a police presence always on guard and ready, the level of outbursts did not call for that kind of intervention (once again, great compliment must be made to Chief Rasmussen and the Lake Geneva Police Department).  Discussion among city council members and those citizens who chose to speak, as was allowed, was heated, long, and intense.  Finally, more than two hours into the meeting, a vote was taken.

The alderperson’s split right down the middle, with four voting to enact the “Shorewood” mandate (Fesenmaier, Straube, Halverson, Flower), and the other four voting against it (Howell, Hedlund, Dunn, Yunker).  Charlene Klein, for the first time since being elected mayor last February, broke the tie by voting against the measure.  There will be, as of this decision date forward to a time when another decision may be made, no requirement of masks, no penalty for not wearing a mask or for not maintaining the six-foot social distance that has become a standard “protection zone” to keep the virus at bay.

Even though the police exercised full restraint (at times, the crowd in the lobby, trying to force its way in, became extremely raucous, screaming and almost totally out of hand) the mayor, Charlene Klein also remained as cool as a cucumber.  This current elected government is performing extremely well in navigating the community through quite possibly its most difficult period of time since its inception.

Peaceful Demonstration

Peaceful Demonstration No Masks Lake Geneva

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